My Lives And A Question :)

I remember mine, obviously. I also practice a lot of metaphyiscal/etc abilities, all have been with me since birth but like anything they have to be worked on. anyhow, my past lives have never been ones of much glory, in that i've rarely lived a life where i was understood or accepted. i do know why i am here though, and i have lived so long, i truly belive that i have only a few more lives left before i go to the next 'plane.'

something interesting i read is that some people have their old personalities come out at times, especially at times of deep stress in this life. for the past few months i've been going through a lot, and the other day something happened that just took me back. i met a lady in the bookstore, (metaphysics/paranormal section) and she asked me if i would mind helping her speak with a spirit that was 'haunting' her house. anyway, i gave her my name and email address, but when i looked down at the paper, the name i had given her was not the name of this life, rather, the name i held in my most strongest "SPIRITUALLY" life.

has anyone else experienced this? i also notice sometimes i find myself longing for things i longed for then, or talking with an accent from that part of the world.

in the majority of my lives i've done magick, nothing harmful; rather, healing, protection and magick to reverse spells cast upon others. so when i say spiritually the strongest, i mean in regards to that and other factors. but i wonder if my personality from that life is coming out more now that i am growing weaker in this life, to try and help me stay afloat until i can figure everything out and this all passes?

i've read quiet a number of interesting stories of this with others as well, but, what about you guys? have any of you experienced anything like this? or, if not, what are your thoughts?

All i ask is please be kind... i am er, very nervous and .. just please don't write hateful comments :) thank you very much and if you read this, thanks! :)

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For me, it was dreams. Always dreams of things I can't possible know. Not long ago, I dreamed of dancing with a man I've never met and repeatedly talking about Boston. It was to the point that even as I dreamed, I consciously thought, "I have to remember this. Boston, Boston, Boston." As well as the names, Nickolas and Elizabeth. The next day I started to look on the internet For Boston, and those names when my daughter in law called and joined in my hunt. She found it. a name that has NO connection to MINE at all... untill you read further. <br />
In the lineage and history of this family we found connections to, not only my own family name, but many of my friends as well. The most exciting part was this.<br />
I write poetry, but in high school I used to write it and sign it with a different name. I used Hannah Chandler. When I read that in the 1800's this family's biography was written by "Hannah Chandler?" Now, THAT was exciting beyond words! Even beyond discovering that Sir Nickolas had giving land to my anscestor, Abraham Conley." My lives, and this family, have touched several times..and where? Boston.

wow dude, that sounds pretty insane. I never used to believe in previous lives, but things have changed a lot since I originally took that mindset. I'm quite possibly very wrong though.

thank you kyzo... you have no idea how much that means to me :) i will try my best to keep it up. i finally got back on here, so maybe that's a good start? :)<br />
<br />
hope you are well, darkest blessings to you <3

Thanks for sharing your story, it's very interesting. I haven't heard of previous personalities coming to 'help' in the current life... My current understanding is that parts of our spirit that are not currently incarnated can rejoin with the soul during difficult times. A sort of energy boost I suppose. Maybe if your current personality is not functioning at its full capacity or is feeling weakened, it may be possible that your soul is bringing forth previous personalities that were 'stronger' to help inspire your current personality. I would go with it and let these aspects manifest as part of your current personality if it feels right and helpful for you. <br />
Every personality you have ever had is a part of you, as the soul remembers, and the soul is the essence of who you are. Since my past life experience, I have manifested aspects of previous personalities that have helped me become stronger and more resilient. Of course this is all just my own interpretation. If you have another experience like this, perhaps try a 'free association' exercise - that is, just start writing and see what comes out. You will often surprise yourself. <br />
Please keep sharing, and don't be afraid of the many !@#$-heads who post nasty, unhelpful remarks. There will be more people who appreciate your contribution.