My Past Lives

French Captain during the French Revolution and trip to Egypt died in a battle after we returned home.  Name was Pierre Lafromai

Musketeer in the Service of King Louis XIV  Name was Lucien

Duke in England at the end of the Dark Ages, at the time when the plague was dying out and being resolved.  Had 6 children, eldest son killed himself, making us "bad luck" we disguised this as a sudden attack of the plague to cover it up.  I was the second generation of the Magna Carta, my father signed it when I was only a boy.

Daughter of a Scottish Duke in the 11-12 centuries, ran away to marry a man I truely loved and destroyed the family purity.

Egyptian Slave during the Middle Kingdom, Male

Gambler and drinker during the Ming dynasty, was tortured to death by my sisters of today.
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I do think I was around in the early 1900's. The language is English but that might be so I can understand myself. i don't know! But yes it does sound possible. You may very well be right. There are no cars & killing two lions isn't something anyone is concerned about. I believe that now there"s a quota & a permit to hunt is required.

Is it possible you were one of the British imperialists and that you were in Africa in the late 1800s or during the early 1900s?

I've also remember being a doctor during the Civil War. I'm in the South. I do so many amputations I can do them in ten minutes flat. There's huge pile of arms, feet,hands legs etc... only a few yards away from them. That's where i throw them. I've also been a midwife in the 16th century. Oddly enough in this life I'm a physician

Why is it that I can read my writing ten times over & feel confident I didn't make any spelling, grammar errors? Then when it's too late I find about 90 mistakes.

As a small child at night somewhere under my dreams I've had vivid images no 3 year old could possibly know about. I told my mom because it was disturbing. My family thought i was a freak show. My dad the MD told me to shut up about it; & sent me to a shrink who felt I'd been having visions of a past life. I'm a man because I c blonde hair on my arms. I'm riding a horse I've been waiting for. I look down seeing big black riding boots. I'm followed by wagons. Black people are whipping oxen. Some walk. We ride on this dirt road forever. The heat & flies are unbearable. I'm tired, cranky, anxious & late meeting a party miles away. The heat is oppressive. At dusk 2 antelopes run across the road. My horse bridles & wheels. I'm about to give him the spurs when he's seized from behind & I'm rammed off my horse. A force so mighty the wind is knocked out of me.i try to scream but it sounds like a whisper. I'm bitten in my side. There's a sickening crunch in my left shoulder. I'm being dragged face up thru grass (?) My face is shrouded with what I figure can only be hair. i can't see a bloody thing The stench is abominable. Somehow I know it's a big male lion. My face is covered by his mane. Stupidly i dig my spurs into the ground. The lion raises his head along with my shoulder. The pain is exquisite. I wish to God I hadn't ridden ahead. I hear happy purring. My pain is replaced by horror (An understatement of colossal magnificence.) Chances are outstanding I'll be lunch & he won't bother to kill me first. I can shoot my rifle but it's gone w/ my horse. Death is imminent until I remember- I've got a knife in my left boot. That arm is currently in the mouth of the monster. I can't reach. I might never reach. I've got to lift my left boot carefully & grab the knife reaching across with my right arm. I lay there in mute supplication. i only have one try. I feel for the heart & stab -hard. I stab some more & am dropped soaked in warm blood. The beast roars. It's loud & I'm sick with fright. I sounds the way i would imagine the gates of hell slipping their rusty hinges giving voice & panorama to Dante's poetic nightmare. I get up & run like a soul being chased by the devil himself. Pure morphine like a runner's high fills my entire being. I don't feel pain. I see a tall tree & climb it .Mortally wounded are extremely dangerous ( I have no idea how I know this but i do know it. with enough life left to charge home. Being in the grip of death the animal will use his last burst of energy to run not stopping until they die or are killed; whichever comes first. Paralyzed I watch him climb half way up my tree & think "This is it; this is how I die." He makes it half way up my tree with difficulty. I only feel relief when he loses his grip and drops dead. I do not believe my luck. But then it hits . The entire episode was only a prelude. What happens next is going to be worse; much worse.<br />
<br />
There are two lions Just where is the other one now? The beast I stabbed mad was half way dead and he still almost reached me. What about his cohort who may be healthy& unharmed? I climb higher to a sturdier branch. I take off my belt & strap myself to my limb. I don't want to fall into this guy's mouth. Just as I predicted I hear roaring. Now I pray; thanking God for my brief time on earth. The monster is closer & closer until he's too close. But I hear dogs. The brute is directly below me with four enormous mastiffs harrying & harassing the creature; distracting him from me. I hear manna from heaven. The wagons are nearly here! As they reach me I yell 'SHOOT HIM." Guns explode. Soon I hear the gurgle of death. The natives reach me. I yell for two "just to be sure" shots. I'm out of the tree w/ violent thirst. All water is gone. The next water is 5 miles away. At this juncture I'd drink anything including urine. Miraculously I held out for 6 of the longest miles of my life. Upon arriving I drank copious amounts of water. I had a bonfire of a fever sweating enough to soak through a mattress. A lion's teeth contain rotting meat which cause infection. Untreated death is certain. There happened to be a doctor passing through the camp. I recovered but never regained full use of my left arm. We found the horse but it could never be ridden again. What's weird is that I was born in August & my sun sign is Leo. Lions in the zoo make me squeamish. i figured out I lived some time around the turn of the 20th century. i've always been interested in Africa. I adore horses & ride. As a kid I'd ask about the man & the lions until people thought I was touched in the head. With some research I'm sure I lived sometime around the turn of the twentieth century. I've had lots of other dreams/visions where I'm not myself. This is one which hasn't left me since it started. Maybe it's so visceral because I've had it so often & know it well.

Thanks for the idea, but I wasn't always well known so most of my names aren't familiar to history. If i did search i could get the wrong answers in the end, the only thing i trust to tell me is my intuition.

I think it's great that you remember some of your past-life names. It means you can research them if you want to.<br />
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I only remember one name from my past lives.