What I Can Recall...

Well, even I take these memories with a grain of salt, and think about whether they could be true... some have come to me in past life regression meditation and some through psychic therapy.  Some I can tap into with a thought and recall most of the existence.  Others are quite vague.  I think this is the order... If I remember more I will add them to the list:

  • Arriving as the pilot of an alien craft
  • Reincarnating as a cave man, I had advantage of memory
  • African Tribal Leader (after surviving a Recuse spider bite to my stomach)
  • Athlete/Performer/Warrior
  • Sailing instructor on the Nile
  • Egyptian Leadership
            (with a harem and a trouble making brother)
  • Alive in the time of Christ
  • Cavalier - middle ages (making promises I couldn't keep)
  • King (small country, the queen wanted more romping)
  • Irish woman - with an abusive husband
  • Woman - riding on the prairie trail coach
               (imagine petticoat and umbrella)
  • Indian - with excellent horseman skills
  • Confederate Soldier
  • Businessman
  • Dairy farmers son (murdered)
  • Lawyer/Investigator/Private Eye
  • This Life (with some of the same players reincarnated here)


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Well, I believe you, Dances. I myself have a myriad of strange things going on. A lot of which, I'm told is against the known way of things.<br />
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I have clear memory of two lives, and vague memories of two others, while yet another I'm told of, I have no recollection at all. <br />
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I love when they tell us it simply cannot be, because it's not practical knowledge. I wont argue, but I don't put much stock in professionals these days, I've learned enough to know enough about what IS and Is not with out some one else dictating to me what my own mind will or wont do.<br />
Thanks for sharing!

that is amazing i can recall eight of my past lives i have put up a story two of recaling my past lives its so nice to read of others who can recall i thouroughly enjoyed the post thankyou.

I don't suppose there's very much actual empirical evidence for any of this stuff. That means it's all just speculation and hear say evidence. That being the case, I'm not sure how anyone gets to impose rules on how reincarnation works, because no one is able to study it in proper depth so as to really know. Therefore, if you say you've had a bunch of lifetimes, and the other person chuckles and says "Stuff and nonsense, it really works this way!" well, that's a bit like arguing over whether the Yeti is an advanced gorilla or a less advanced human.

But you surely must believe that by certain mystic processes, the person is able to transcend the gross material plane? Just because we have extremely limited faculties(in the beyond) doesn't mean that that realm/world/cycle of reincarnation has not been experienced in its entirety by a set of highly advanced souls!

No, I needn't believe any of it. Please define these "Mystic Processes," "Realm/world/cycle of reincarnation," and "highly advanced souls." All of these are phrases without any real meaning, and for which there is no empirical evidence. Doesn't reach the standard of believable without such evidence.

Mystic processes: so-called because the human mind could not comprehed them.
realm/world: different places a soul can live. The living world isn't just what we think it is. Which is another thing. There's more to everything.
Cycle of reincarnation: you live, you go Home (heaven, basically), you train to come back, you come back, you die, you go Home, and so on..
highly advanced souls: souls who are, well, highly advanced, by having had more experiences and learnt more and therefore are it.

You may say there is no empirical evidence, but it is anything but. If you do your research, you will find there is proof of it all around and there always has been. Nature, animals, humans, science, religion, spirituality.. And many a doctor have studied it at great length, including people that didn't believe it to start with.

My understanding of reincarnation may be different from yours and my capacity to look ob<x>jectively at what i need to know in a past memory must also be different from yours because they are far more then wisps.<br />
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Chuckle or not, I'm glad your understanding works for you. <br />
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My list is over many thousands of years. And yes, I've met a few people that were in them. And fewer that remember being together in them. Maybe four.<br />
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I enjoyed the book "Many LIves, Many Masters" , "Mission to Milboro", "You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives" all of which would expand your understanding. All providing the documentation you are looking for. Seeing as the average life span was about 30 years, in ten thousand years a soul could have 333 incarnations. And seeing as there is no "time" in the spirit world, the "bl<x>ink" in between could contain all the reflection and "time" needed to prepare for the next life. <br />
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In my opinion, a common mistake is to impose our physical laws (time to reflect) on the non-physical world (what the soul is doing in between lives). <br />
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My understanding is that we keep repeating, in this incarnation and the previous ones until we learn the karmic lessons and progress. If you find yourself repeating, knocking your head against a wall, perhaps you need to remind yourself that in this physical artifact of life, there are no actual walls.<br />
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Wishing you P E A C E, understanding, acceptance of others, openness, positivity and spiritual progression.

Going over your list of supposed memories makes me chuckle, you must be a very confused individual! I would love to read your memoirs, that is, if you can keep all those personalities <br />
in order. It would be entertaining fiction, but I'm sorry, too far-fetched for me. I am a true reincarnationist and I have never heard such a story as yours. There is a reason us souls cannot remember details from past lives: we could not deal. It is all we can do to deal with this one life, much less painful and traumatic memories of many others. That is why we only remember past lives in dreams and under hypnosis, a wisp here and there. Certainly nothing that can be verified. Certainly I agree with you that we souls tend to reincarnate together and recognize one another on sight in this life. That can be love at first sight or it can be can be toxic together again and again. It can be many things. I believe that souls who die violently and suddenly tend to rebirth quickly before they have learned their lessons, and this explains much in our history. <br />
Have you actually met people who remember you in a past life? I would love to see that documentation because that is a very rare event, and the only time it has been documented in the US, it was exposed as a fraud. I am really not trying to be a *****, I really want to know.

I'm sorry but all of your theories are nothing but "speculation". From what I have gathered here, most people talk about 'healing' and '3 past lives' and 'old souls' and 'new souls'. It's all - don't mind me - a load of nonsense. Reincarnation is fully based on the law of karma described in the Vedas. There is no healing or anything of the sort. You perform karma every second of your current life and then you get fruits of that karma afterward. This is a never-ending process.

@victoriaj52 - I'm not sure you need more then a bl<x>ink to go from one life to the next. Who would i be to say that I understood the mechanics of the universe. I'm sure I had earlier lives that were more serf like and probably feminine ones. But I think I've been consistently working towards progression each time. I remember two female lives.<br />
<br />
What were your lives? What do you remember?

As a person who has studied history and reincarnation nearly all of my adult life, I feel very skeptical about your beliefs that you have reincarnated so many times in just the past few hundred years, which is like seconds in the space of eternity. It hardly seems likely. I am not calling you a liar, I believe you believe what you say. I'd say you were someone with a great imagination, a wonderful dream life and a good knowledge of history. Unfortunately, your story does not give your soul enough time to rest and contemplate what it learned in each life before it is off getting born again into yet another very trying and/or tumultuous have-at-it. Also, it struck me that you were a King, a leader, an instructor, a lawyer, never a slave, a serf, a servant, which the circle proves true in reincarnation. Trump was not the rich guy last time around, George Bush was not the King in his last life. I am sorry, your story just does not ring true.

how the bell do you perform past life regression? i need to do that

Praying and meditation and just look inside yourself.

hmmf sceptical is my veiw i must say that is quite intreaging i shall look forward to more updates

Fascinating DancesWithDolphin. Thanks for sharing.<br />
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But I believe that there is no need to be scared of the same acts of violence happening to you again in this life; especially if you have made some attempt to heal those traumas. I believe they are more likely to re-occur in a METAPHORICAL sense in this life as you have already lived through - or died as a result of - the actual physcial experience of these events. In this way we learn from them.<br />
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Just my view.<br />
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I can relate to the aversion to things that harmed us in past lives. I have a really terrifying memory of being a child thrown into a fire as a sacrifice. I still am afraid of fire. But strangely enough, I became a clay artist, and working with fire, flames and smoke is part of my work!

Three came from a past life regression...<br />
<br />
a few more from a psychic crystal session<br />
<br />
a few more from affinities and recollections, and simple awareness.<br />
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All of a sudden I can have a very powerful memory or awareness flash up on me... I have to know/decide is this my memory or have I picked up on a place or psychic memory. Its pretty clear between what is within my psyche's memory and what is external to that.

Wow how did you remember all of those?

I clearly have affinities for the confederate war, anything Egypt, sailing. business, law, flying, horses, sword play, Ireland, stage coaches....<br />
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I also have a fear of dying the ways I did in some of these lives. In the dairy farmer's sons life... I had my throat cut from behind... still to this day i can not stand having people behind me.