Past Life Memories

I had memories when I was a little girl that were not really part of my actual life, and yet they seemed like actual memories.  It was confusing to me to have to separate between what these memories were, and what were this life's memories.  Now I remember fragments of not one but several very different lives.   It's fascinating that this should be possible.   There is no doubt in my mind that these are memories.

I have never had a past life regression, but I have done some reading on the subject, and went to a workshop led by a famous psychic, but I still don't really understand how and why this happens to so many people.   Here's something else that is strange:  I was reading a book on past lives, which included a memory and a recurring dream from a woman much older than I, and living in another country.  The dream was exactly the same as mine!  This was a  memory of being in a family that was exiled from England to Holland, and being persecuted for religioius reasons.  It was in the time of  the 16th or 17th century.  Has anyone else heard of this happening?

I would like to hear from other people who have past life experiences, and I would be interested in hearing about them.  I have not told any of my own stories here because there are so many and I don't want to be too boring. 

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sounds interesteing to me

Hello, Theresa. I would love to read your past -life stories, but your profile is blocked. Would you be comfortable with telling me the threads for these stories? I am so interested!<br />
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I can remember many past lives in good details, and recognize spirits from these lives even though they don't recognize me...I'm 14 and feel like I want this to end....If I died and didn't come back again I'd be happy. I have wrote about my first life in the stories kept it shot something quick to read.

i would love to read your past life memories! i think i had dreams of past lives, they felt too real

i would love to read your past life memories! i think i had dreams of past lives, they felt too real

This has happeneed to me MANY TIMES. And scares me mostly I never know when its going to take hold.

don't ever think you'll sound boring! check out Sylvia Browne, she has helped me out so much!

i haven't had these experiences but would be interested in hearing more. i would like to remember past lives but can't remember this life events. char