18 So Far

I have regressed many times and so far I have found that I have lived a total of 18 lives (this one being my 19th), and I remember 10 of them thanks to regression therapy.

1. I was a native American woman, an advisor of sorts and possibly a mid-wife. I remember bits and pieces of her life, like her playing with her grandchildren, etc. The landscape was mountainous and lots of red dirt, but still plenty of vegetation. I suspect it was somewhere like Idaho.

2. A male in some African country. I died very young in a tribal feud.

3. A  red-haired European woman who was some sort of nobility (nothing so high as a queen or even princess). I remember being very bitter and treating my servants rudely. I died from some sort of terminal sickness, alone except for one servant who remained by my side despite my cruelty- she was a young girl who didn't even speak my language.

4. A miner in a country I believe was Romania. I don't think I was Romanian, though. I looked Turkish or Middle Eastern. I died of lung complications due to my work.

5. A young mother in Asia who drowned along with her baby.

6. Another young Asian woman (this life is very vivid- I believe I was in Kyoto, Japan). I was miserable in an abusive marriage, and my father beat me as well. My only solace was my alone-time in a garden. I remember having a cricket or a grasshopper in a teeny little cage.

7. A young woman who was 18 when she died- trampled by an unruly horse. I believe this was Mississippi, and I believe I was of mixed race.

8. A young doctor's wife in Chicago sometime in the twenties or thirties. I believe this to be the life I lived directly before the one I live presently. She was dark-haired, pale skinned (a look I must favor- it's been pretty common in my existences lol) and she wore polka-dots so often that her nickname was Dot, but that was not her given name. She had one son.

9. A wealthy southern man. I was married to the girl of my dreams but she couldn't stand me. I this entire life trying to please her and make her love me, but she never did.

10. A red-haired northern European (German?) man who was mute and lived alone in the woods. This was actually the most traumatic life I have ever lived, I believe. I was burned to death by a mob of men with torches, Frankenstein-style. While going through this regression, I actually had a severe panic attack and began to cry uncontrollably and shake like a leaf. I had to be brought out of the hypnosis because I was so upset. I had nightmares about this death for weeks after the regression.
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I suppose what newmsuv is asking is does this knowledge of your past lives help you in any way in this life other than satisfying curiosity? I've read that some people have fears that are related to a manner in which they've died in a past life. Do you find it at all useful or helpful to have this information in order to better understand who you are?

Help what?

how do you remember all this? how is it going to help?