Weird Memory & Facination With Sailing Ships Of Old

Ever since I knew what a memory was, I knew one of mine was very displaced in my mind. It was the one where I was on an old wooden sailing ship, in a time period I believe to be around the 1800s. The memory is pretty broken and sketchy, I remember having to climb the rigging when the ship set sail, so I don't think I was anyone high up on board, just a deckhand/sailor.

Then I remember an incedent, in bright sunshine so no storm conditions, where the ship's mast was broken and fell onto me, then the memory ends, I think this is when I died.

I don't know what caused this, but in my memory the water is 'busy', it feels like other vessels are around, so maybe it was a battle and the mast was struck by a cannonball? I recall guns, so it was around 1800, as they were more modern guns than those dating back from earlier times such as 15-1700s. There is lots of shouting and running around in my dream, and the colours red, white and blue stand out, so it was very possibly a British Navy ship or other British ship, I suspect Navy though if it was engaged in battle.

I seem to have a knowledge of sailing & ships that I have NOT gained from books or online material, it feels like it is a part of me somehow, like it would all come back to me if I were to board a similar ship now. The sea facinates me, the thought of candlelit ships sailing on clear nights with the wind in their sails always makes me feel happy inside, like it is something I am very familier with.

When I see a wooden sailing ship, I feel 'at home' and modern ships don't make me feel like this at all, infact seeing grey diesel powered ships saddens me when I know how graceful and peaceful wooden sailing ships are in the waters out at sea.

I am also a keen astronomer, with a good knowledge of the stars, which would have also been very important to know when onboard a ship, as stars were used to navigate & find due North and South.

I wonder if anyone else has a similar memory?
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Wow!! That's so strange!!! I feel exactly the opposite!!! Your story makes my skin crawl, it gave me the creeps! That's not your fault, of course, but I have an unexplainable terror for the kind of ships you tell of. Galleys, galleons and so on terrorise me, although I've never seen one personally, only on movies or pictures, and I have to turn my head away or just leave the room because of the panic. And, precisely, I don't feel that terror as regards grey diesel ships. I think you must have been happy in your past life as sailor. I must have suffered a lot; terror, pain and probably death because of this kind of ships. It's very strange, because I've been near other kinds of ships (long viking ships, warships from WWII, common catamarans or ferries etc) and none of them has caused that sheer terror (though I have to admit that I don't like ships at all, of any kind whatsoever).