Another Past Life

This one took some time to accept, but thanks to my boyfriend who is also open to past life research, I came to realize it.  The latest life I had after Pierre la fromai, during the late 1800s and early 1900s was wife of the author of jerkyll and hide.  it was hard for me to realize this and almost caused us to break up, but as soon as i recognized it i remember that we had an argument over the first draft he wrote of jerkyll and hyde and why i was a little upset when he chose my daughter over me to help him write his stories when he got writers cramp.  I am pretty sure I was his wife because he describes me as sharp tongued, outspoken an assertive and she was like that and when he looked at the picturee of her he really saw a familiar face (refering to my boyfriend discovering a true past life).
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in addition i had a past life related to my screen name on here. I do that all the time, put my screen name as a name from a past life. I had another past life name that was Hemaytes Conceest Akinaushai and yet another in Atlantis that was close to Kala or Kalianna