I was in an accident when i was in my teens the doctors told me i would be fine and just stay off of my right leg for the summer so i
did and after that everything seamed fine until i was in my middle 20's and started having problems again and the doctor that i had then told me that i needed surgery on my right knee so i went ahead and had it dun after my knee healed up my doctor wanted to replace
my right hip and i said no he told me that i would not be walking past the age of 50. I am past 50 by a few years now and i am still walking with my real hip. A few months back i woke up early one morning with a lot of pain and soon found i could not walk.
It took me a couple of days before i could walk a little and i was finally able to get to my doctor. To make a long story short i still have my hip but found out that my left hip is bad so i did a lot of therapy and i am ok now. I have been on Disability for a long time do to all of these
problems so having that has been a big help.
Even in time things can still stay the same or close to it as it did for me.
I have never looked at time like most people do nor do i look at getting older as a bad thing i just use the two to my advantage and keep
going and never really looking back.
Gregg57 Gregg57
51-55, M
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Great story Gregg. Thanks for sharing it. You are so right about never giving up. One thing about doctors is that they are practicing medicine... they are making an educated guess because ever person, every injury, every situation is different. <br />
Keep going buddy.