Memories And Disassociative Personality Disorder

I remember snippets of past lives and they are as clear as memories are from this present life and they feel just as real. I know their are a few people that I have met this life that I knew in a previous life. The problem is because all of my past life memories feel as real and as tangible as my current lives memories I feel a great disconnect to this life and this body. I don't know how else to explain it. I feel like I have been around for A LOT of lives and so very little out there shocks or impresses me, nothing feels fresh or new. This connection also helps me be very empathetic towards others, however it does cause I rift when I try to understand those who are upset over small in the moment things.
I can also sense in others who has been around for a while and who our more current or new souls, like my husband for example I can just tell by the way he looks at things that this is his first trip around which I believe why I am so attracted to him he gives me that freshness that I take for granted...

I know this sounds crazy
Vicera Vicera
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2012