Ive Found My Past Life Lover

Since I was little i was able to remember my past life. I have myself on video tape when I was as young as 4 . Talkeing about my past life as a "exotic dancer" which as you can see is a strange thing for a 4 year old to say. And to have such vivid memories of a wild past life. As I grew older the memories would fade slitely but seeing new sights and expreinceing certein things would bring back memories. Even though it was a big part of my life I didn't spend all the time thinking about my past life untill I met someone. I met him in a class. When I first saw him I felt this deep strange feeling in me. A strange attraction happened beetween us. Ive felt as though I knew him even though I couldent have met him in this life. We became friends with a strange relashinship. There was a lot of weird tension beetween us . The semester ended and winter break began. However during the holiday break I was in a accident. And befouse of the trauma of that accident I suffered from tempory memory loss. And even though I forgot all short term relashinships I remembered and even more memories of my pastlife. And I remembered who he was. I was his misstress in my past life. After I relized this. I spoke with many past life psycics and they all reassured this. Even though I know who he is now and what we were to eachother. I don't know if he does. And I'm afraid to speak of what I know now to anyone
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i suppose not everone remembers there past lifes so even if it is him then he may not remember but saying that.. if you tell him it might triggor something in him and he might. but jeanemae's right get to know him in this life before you decide.

I wouldn't suggest you tell him initially, but considering you feel so connected, perhaps you should get to know who he is currently, in this life before deciding what you should do.

Ya that's what I'm currently trying to do. He would probabaly think I'm crazy if it told him