In China Long Ago

A week or so ago, I was trying to stand up to my middle sister and mother about giving me some breathing space during an upcoming wedding for my eldest sister. Instead of supporting my beliefs, megan put her arms on my shoulders and then around them in a very familiar move that reminded me of a past life where she started the move to make me agree and obey her opinion. It;s sort of like the salesman pose where the salesman wraps his arm around your shoulder to get you convinced this product is just right for you. It's a deception move really.

So in this past life, I was a poor boy growing up around the time of confucius before lao tzu. My father back then, who feels like my twin sister in this life, was a deep drinker and gambler, he would win us money for food then lose it all. I was the 9th child, 7th son in the family, having 6 older brothers and two older sisters. When I was 10 or 11, mama died in childbirth. I had 4 sisters younger than me including the new baby who had no breast to feed on. In those days, at 10 or 11 it was time to learn ones trade if you were a boy, if you were a girl, you would wait till you were thirteen to marry with a dowry. So, suddenly, mama is dead, papa is too steeped in cards and drink to care and my older brothers have found their trade, although 2 of them succumbed to fathers life. I was just about to choose a trade for myself, having to take care of 5 girls, one who was already married to another poor fellow with a small dowry provided by one of the older brothers who joined the military. Knowing I couldn't take care of all these matters, I went to both my mothers and fathers siblings, but all of them shut the door in my face, without explaining why. We were also at the verge of losing our home because of low funds to maintain it. What you would call a property inspector, was my middle sister megan in this life. I remember I finally chose a trade as a smithy and was apprenticing with an agreement to pay the smith back over time.

One day, this tall man walks into the small courtyard without b eing invited and says everyone gotta leave because we dont have the means to keep the place, despite older brothers sending back home as much as they could. out of the corner of my eye, i saw a flashing go by and guessed it was a sword, the man disappeared before I could see him clearly, that is my mother in this life. I told him I was learning my trade and to please give me some time so i can make a few things to sell. Instead, he suggested I pay with my second eldest sister who was of age, but didn't have a dowry to her name. I really didn't like this man and didnt want to sell my sister to him for pay. I told him to come back tomorrow to discuss the matter. I also told him to take his spy with him, which at first he refused, but then I said i can make your life worse. Being a lank short young boy at the time, I didn't look like a ninja, but I had a lot of raider come to the house while I was growing up so I developed a sort of kung fu to get rid of them, at one point mama said it was so deadly i could scare the emperor away. I had to do a little demonstration to prove it.

I am a fair and just person always have been no matter where I lived, so I like to let my sisters speak their minds, even if the final say was always me and my older brothers. We prayed at the temple of our ancestors that night as well. Of course the youngest was still under one year old and was showing signs of being sick. Hua, the eldest did not want to marry the property inspector to keep the house, we also contemplated what our older brothers would do. As if the ancentors had heard us talking, I heard a loud creaking sound outside of the house and told Hua to hide with the rest of the girls. When I went out side, I looked up to see a signature tiger move that Ziang my eldest brother had mastered, and another snake move that Axin my second eldest was so good at you couldn't second guess it to be him. There was a third movement on the roof who seemed to be getting weary by the minute and seemed wounded. After I watched them carry him out the gate, I saw a 4th figure use a jug to toss him away, guessing that was Winam, the third eldest brother who became a potterer as a trade. After greeting them, I told them what had happened earlier that day which they understood why the spy was there. I learned that they had seem him carrying a torch and had an instant vision, provided by our anscentors that they were going to burn the house.

We talked all through the night and at dawn, the same man came to the gate, but Ziang was ready for him. We had decided to marry Hua to the man she really loved, who lived down the street and didn't care about a dowry even though he mentioned it would be helpful. Qiano was his name, we went over there that night to have him bed her so there was no option, they really loved each other and he was a stable artrisan that sold chairs and wood things. So when we got back, she was set to marry Qiano, Ziang told the tall fellow that she had run off and was now disowned, he went to Qianos house to find that hua and Qiano were in bed :D

But that wasn't enoough losing for the property man, so being too proper to fight, he grabbed my shoulders because I was standing behind the two soldier brothers in the gate. He wraps his arm around me and says in this silky deceptive voice in Chinese, "little boy, this is not going to be the last time you try to get away with my authority, you will pay me for your house or it will be mine, now get me your pay." This was after he had returned from finding hua in bed with qiano and Axin had gone to entertain the girls and I was left to watch the gate while Ziang and Winam went to look for papa, believing that Tall bastard was one of the gamblers that papa owed, presuming that papa was alive. They had just gotten back, having seen that i was under scrunity. Ziang knocked out the tall bastard while Winam struggled to hold papa who was in a drunken state. We had Xia draw a picture of the bastard to show papa because she was very good at artwork, and later we found out that papa had wagered the house and had lost the bet to the tall bastard two weeks ago and not having the money to win back the house, the guy had decided to take it for himself. From that day on. we all decided that papa would have to go with Winam on his travels, to keep a close eye on him. We prayed to our anscentors how we could keep our beloved home and give the tall man what he wanted. it was a hard thing to do, but we sold some of your horses and our pet tiger as well as some vegetables. We even had Xia do some drawings for him, she was 9 at the time. He was finally satisfied with an amount similiar to the cost of the house and never bothered us again, at least not in that life. I don't think he was quite satisfied, because life after life he would come back and demand something of me that wasn't my fault. In one life we even fought each other in a sword duel where he almost killed me, in a medieval life he tried to kill me through the swords game where your carry a broad sword and use it to knock out the oppoment by running your horse towards the other.

And now he is my middle sister who still seems to not be satisfied with herself, even though she has a son, lots of books to read, crystals and more things than I got. And she always talks to me as if i were to blame for her issues with Mom, who was her sidekick who almost set my house on fire. And every time I try to break this cycle, she never seems to support what I want to do about it. I wonder what will satisfy her, this soul so she could end picking on the wrong person for her pleasure, its about enough. If i could bet, this has been going on for almost 5000 years geez!
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im confused please explain? at the beginning you said you were 9th in the family 6 older boys and 2 older girls but then go onto explain how your mum died and you has 5 sisters younger than you ? i want to read the rest but this bit made me stop?x

oh by the time i was 10 or 11, moma had only girls the 4th one was the one where she died after delivering her so on top of 2 older sisters i had 4 younger sisters, one was 7 or 8 the other was 5 or 6 the third 4 or 5 the 4th sibling after me, thbe 13th in the family was a baby who was born motherless. I mean i remember the housewife coming out and saying that mama was dead, carrying our litttle sister the 13th child, 6th girl in the family.

A well-told story, and I like that you still have a sense of humour after 5,000 years! Once you've become well-off, try to help your sister find a home, or buy her one if you can! That would hopefully get the property man off your back!

i open my third eye pineal gland

Amazing story. How do you remember your lives?