past full Of Fears

hi, firstly i only recently started to believe in the possibilities of past lifes, but since something i can't really describe is effecting my life right now, this seems most relevent.
Since i was young i have had a series of connected ,vivid,dreams, always reaccuring charactors and places i've never seen outside of my dreams. With some other sites i think some enteries don't seem legitemit, but from this site so far i can gather it seems more believable,i say this because i wonder if anyne genuinely shares these kind of experiences.The dreams have always been quite dark and with serious under tone, on one occasion i felt physically sick thinking of it, and suffered a panic attack.In work i can't concentration thinking of it. I feel like i have something strangely heavy through the day,like somehting is missing. Its scary because its really effecting me outside the dreams, Normally i'm a very calm and collected person,but in the dreams i feel things i've never felt towards someone ever. When i awoke this morn i could still feel the grain of the wood against my fingers,so much so that more and more the line between reality and the dreams seems lost.I can't hear words in the dream as if i'm lip reading because i can understand what people say to me. But in all its always very silent.
Due to the graphic nature of the dreams, i think i'll leave at that till another post but i would be very interested in anyone who shared this kind of experience.
FeelingfarFARaway FeelingfarFARaway
Sep 21, 2012