My Many Past Lives

I happen to spontaneously remember past lives.

Some of it turns out to be correct, for example I saw the city layout of ancient Rome, which I thought could not be right but it turned out exactly right... as well as seeing 19th Century documents and finding pictures of them later on... and those are just a few things!

My past lives span quite wide...
I've been a potter in a village of potters, when the pots are ready we are going to the market early in the morning with a cart and a donkey. It took a couple of hours to get there.

Dancer in a tribe.
A wise sage in an ancient civilization who was very kind and compassionate and loving all of his students,
A member of an ancient women's group who were communicating with celestial beings.
Egyptian priestess who was punished for violating the Temple rules
Roman soldier under Caesar.
Some kind of slave or laborer making bricks out of black clay (very tedious job),
A prisoner in a medieval castle dungeon eating moldy bread (is this why I panic when I see mold?)
A Chinese man who was doing inventory in a storage room and was drowned for stealing and selling stuff on the side, this is around 1500's
Woman in India carrying water jugs from a river to her village.
Jewish woman in Russia, (in a very patriarchal society), also seems like we had to flee from where we lived.
A girl/woman in Victorian times who felt suppressed due to her sex, and were not allowed to do the same things as boys.
A poor woman with a daughter who has an abusive, drunken husband, she calls the daughter "Little Me"
An 18th century office functionary,
A Siberian Cossack
A child from a wealthy home in Southern Poland who died sick in bed around the time of the Russian revolution)
A paramilitary soldier/guard and administrator in a prison camp somewhere in the 1930's-40's (Europe), he's in love with a female prisoner whom he helps out of there
Before I was born this time, dying as a baby or embryo attempting to reincarnate several times.

I remember various amounts of detail, but the latter ones seem to have more connections to my current life. It appears to me that the soul really goes through many many different experiences in order to evolve and learn everything it needs to. And what we are right now is the highest state of all.

Seeing past lives can be a challenge. Sometimes you miss the people you knew, your family, or the places you lived, which are not longer there. Sometimes you see yourself in a role which is less than pleasant, or you see stuff happening to you.

Only once I tried regression on myself, It was a bit scary because I had to push myself to go 'in there'. I found myself on a Victorian age train station with green steel columns, wearing a big white hat and a long dress. I saw myself sitting in a cold cellar in a medieval castle with the moldy bread... I saw myself on a beautiful day hiding in in a cornfield, this was beginning of 20th Century... and I saw blood on a wall... and some sort of camp. There were a big group of people being herded down a gravel road, I could hear women screaming and the guards yelling and it sounded very harsh. I ran away, back into the present and that's about it for regression!

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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I'm not sure if I have an overactive imagination or what...maybe I just want to remember or I'm bored?? but I think I can remember fragments of some. I had this one dream the other day where I was being chased down by the inquisition, when I woke up I was pretty shaken and thinking "good thing I live in modern times, they can't get me here".

I thought this was very interesting, I know exactly what you mean. Those memories can be hard because you do miss those things and those people who are no longer there. I missed my life in colonial Virginia for YEARS, and sometimes I still do. But I have accepted it is all gone, all those wonderful memories are gone and those people are dead and it is time to move forward.