A Way to Remember Past Lives

Sometimes past life memories come spontaneously, sometimes in dreams or visions.  I once went to a workshop led by a very famous psychic woman, where she taught a form of past life regression that we can practice on ourselves.  It helps if you know how to meditate (not the empty-mind kind, the free mind kind), but if you don't meditate, it is just a matter of getting into strong focus - like when you are completely engrossed in a daydream.

Don't be drunk or drugged.  Get into a comfortable position.  Close your eyes.  You are looking at the night sky.  You can see millions and millions of stars in the eternity of space.  Just sit where you are, and look at the stars.  Keep in your mind the purpose of your quest:  You want to go to a past life, and remember it.  Focus on this.  If you are seeking to visit any past life, watch the stars, and eventually one will become brighter.  If you want to go to a specific past life, focus on that, and everntually one of the stars will become brighter.  It will become brighter and brighter.  You will see it getting closer and closer, and you will go forward to it, closer and closer. Brighter and brighter and closer and closer.  And then you will visualise merging with the bright star.

Wait a moment, and get your bearings.  From this point onward, accept and make note of anything that appears to you.  Do not attempt to manipulate in any way.  Often a path will  open before you.  Sometimes, you will see yourself in your past life body walking along the path coming toward you.  Sometimes you will just find yourself in a room, or outdoors, or wherever, and something is going on.  Just let the scene play out, memorising as much as you can.  When there is no longer anything to see, return, taking whatever amount of time you need to come back completely.  Immediately write down everything you remember.  Read it back.  Is there any similarity to your present life?  Any lesson?  Or simply a short "video clip"?  It will be a clue to your past lives.

I hope some of you (all of you who are interested) will find this technique helpful.


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I'm going to try this!

or.. add me please : ( .. i really need your help ....

Is this real? please help me .... i really want's to recall back some of my memories....

Thank you for advice :)<br />
stars...hm its something new. I will try. <br />
but really, i usually see short visions in public transport only. 0.o<br />
other in dreams. Or in some memories from childhood which is ( i consider, as my own... but , i understand, they can never be memories of present life.)

One of the things I learned from past life dreams/visions is the source of my fear of fire. I still fear fire, but have been able to overcome it enough to fire my own kilns. Something else is that in several of my past life memories I had something wrong with my back. In this life I suffered from "migraine backaches" for years. For some reason this pain has now disappeared. I do not know why this pain has been endured by me in various forms in several lifetimes, but it was interesting to discover this thread. <br />
<br />
Past life memories also shaped my current views on religion and spirituality. I also believe that past life memories have helped me to be compassionate and tolerant, especially in terms of religious and cultural diversity. <br />
I suppose that we all have differing, individual lessons to learn in our lives. If there is something specific that you would like to learn more about, focus on that when you are vision-questing. Let me know how you make out.

What sorts of lessons have you learned about living today from looking into your past lives? I'd like to know how this could be helpful to me by knowing how it has been helpful to you. Thanks.

A Shamanic method called vision questing? That sounds very interesting. <br />
So if they precede the appearance of actual images does that mean they eventually become actual images?<br />
Thank you again for this information! It's helping me make sense of it all.

The colours, lights and patterns are experienced by many people in meditation (including me). This is usually a stage in meditation that precedes the appearance of actual images. <br />
<br />
This form of meditation is shamanic. It is also called "vision questing". We are deliberately setting out with a purpose in mind, seeking answers or lessons. This is a visually rich form of meditation, and its visions and images are very like dreaming, except that one is pursuing a specific purpose.<br />
<br />
Your way of journeying sounds intriguing, especially the verbal part. Fascinating.

I don't know if its because I am a beginner at meditation but I hear a lot of unrecognizable voices that said things that do not apply to my current life. A Buddhist told me they are from the past. But most do not apply to THIS life. <br />
<br />
I also occasionally see geometric shapes, blocks, and prisms of colored lights which have no relation to my thoughts.<br />
<br />
I keep a record of things I witness that I was fortunate enough to remember.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this exercise!

Hi, SamuraiPhoenix. The empty-mind kind of meditation is more of a Buddhist practice, and the ob<x>jective is different. In the free-mind style of meditation, you allow thoughts to come into your mind. But you stay focussed on your ob<x>jective - in this case, to remember a past life. Follow the exercise given above. If you have not meditated before, it might take awhile. Just try not to manipulate your thoughts, take in as much detail as you can, and make notes of everything you remember after your meditation is ended.

Did you say that meditation (non-empty mind) can be a form of Past Life Regression?<br />
How would that work?

It's all okay. If you fall asleep, you just fall asleep, and you will probably lose what memories appear. Keep your journal or a pen and paper at hand, because visions are like dreams - if you don't record them, they tend to disappear. Have a Great Trip, Sweetie!

Lighting - about what you would do for "romantic" - ie. not glaring or too bright, not too dark. I find candlelight is best, but your personal preference is best for you. Naptime might not be best, as you do not want to fall asleep. But peace and quiet and not being disturbed are really a good thing. Good luck, Sweetie.