I believe I was a victim of the Russian Sleep Experiment.
I was kidnapped after a person acted in need; they snuck up on me and put a bag on my head. They made all of us feel like we were the informant, that they would let us go free if we reported to them (which was a lie).
There is a picture of all of us with bags on our heads if you google it, but at least one of us is missing (and they have a picture of our faces somewhere); I think they had the sick idea that one of us would photograph the others all the while we had no idea if we were going to live or die. Guns were pointed at us the whole time before they locked us up; so basically it was do the experiment or die.
During the experiment they threatened our families, this is why when they opened the door to test the "sound equipment" nobody moved, they said they would shoot our families, or ourselves on the spot; I mean why would the Nazi's be so courteous as to allow us a way out?
The screams were to cover up our conversations (the experimenters were listening), I guess freaking out the experimenters with the screaming was just an added bonus.
There was one alpha male. He killed at least one of the other captives. I think I held out the longest for HOPE, that the experimenters would keep our promise and let us out and would continue to talk to them; but I stopped after the feces were put onto the mics/ near the portholes, this was not a democratic decision.

I was the one who said the famous line, "We are you." It was to punish the sinful people that thought we were nothing, our lives were nothing, we were lab rats to them and they did not mind that we died. I knew they would kill me, someone shot me in the head after I was once again falsely promised that I would go free; they never planned to let us out, never. What defense did I have left? I scarred them with that message because it was the very least thing I could do after all they did to us, because I was the last one left and had to witness everyone else as they were dying.

I don't think I was supposed to remember any of this, which is why I would get bad vibes whenever I would seek out past lives. Read the story, and know that it is not all true, but take into consideration what I have said; they turned men into monsters (just trying to survive) and made a folly of the whole thing, how sick can humanity be?

The experiment successfully killed us because they used our families against us (they would kill them if we did not participate in the experiment). The gas made some of the men tear our organs, peel skin and so on, you could not feel the pain, or rather enjoyed it. The experimenters were strategic in the ways they dealt with us, used our humanity against us to keep us compliant; it's funny that in the end we were the ones that were feared when the story is told though they were the true monsters.

In the end we met our demise anyway, there was no justice.
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I too have past life memories , I have not yet shared with you , that had taken place in Munich ,Germany, please post more of your past life's as I will update mine =)