Who Remembers???

Who remembers the Milton Bradley MBX expansion system with the special cartridges?  I bet they put millions of bucks in that product only for Texas Instruments to pull the plug on the project to produce home computers.

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That's awesome you remember that too! I have never known anyone else that actually tried some of the programming on those machines. I used to play with that thing everyday after school. I was the only kid in my class who didn't have an Atari 2600! My Mom wouldn't let me have one because video games "rot your brain"! LOL <br />
If games actually rotted my brain then I have been brainless ever since I left home! I have had every console since. I still love gaming, probably because it was taboo when I was a kid. Technology has sure improved since then. I remember dreaming that someday we would have games that were advanced, but now we have much more than I could have imagined. What a great time to be alive!

I remember typing pages of code to make mr bojangles dance and being sorely disapointed at a 1/4 inch square block with stick legs and arms going back and forth repeatedly. I guess it helped me learn to type but it took me hours to program it! Also I used a cassette tape recorder to save data, I thought it was pretty high tech! LOL

Funny, but this is my clearest memory of my Ti994a as well. I couldnt have been more than 11 years old. My parents bought it for me. I hooked it up to a small black and white TV and spent the next several hours punching in lines of code for Mr Bo Jangles. Once done, I excitedely brought my parents in to see what I had done. They knew it took me hours, so they were expecting something pretty special. When they had to squint to see Mr Bo Jangles dancing, they said "that's all it does?"... and I was like "Yeah! Pretty awesome eh!". Great memory, thats when I realized I was a geek :)

I don't remember this - but I did have a commodore 64 ...

Yes! But it seems like my dad was always adding crap to it. i had the MBX and some other things my dad programmed for it.

Exactly. I had the add on. We had so much fun with that thing. All the kids in the neighborhood wanted it.