My First Memory Not From A Dream

My first memory is waking up in my crib room and wanted to get out of the crib. I couldn't walk yet. It was daytime but the curtains were drawn. I could hear my mother in the kitchen of the apartment down the short hall past the living room and to the left. I climbed my way out of the crib to the floor. The drop was a little scary for me but I was surprised at how easy it turned out to be. It took awhile to get the job done and it had been a triumph over fear more than anything else for me. I crawled down the hall to the kitchen. I was very happy having gotten myself out of the crib, but when my mother saw me on the floor I was a bit taken aback that she was upset over the situation. She scooped me up and took me all the way back to my crib and put me right back in the thing. I was sad after that and I have trouble remembering what went on with the struggle to deal with my new talent.
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Talented smart arse :-)

I did the same thing! Except once I got out, I ran all over the bedroom and tore the room up and scribbled with a pen on the comforter.

<p>I have one vivid crib memory just like that. I remember standing up in the crib. I had grabbed my father's transistor that was sitting on the dresser. Mom came out the kitchen and heard a radio. She walked in the room and saw me with it and snatched it out of my hands and started fussing and saying "you're supposed to be taking a nap". I remembered just staring at her like what in the hell is wrong with this woman. To this day, I don't know why that is stuck in my memory. But, I do know if anybody wants a fight, try snatching something out of my hands! Thanks for your story!</P>

I remember eating my poop when I was a kid. does that count?

How old were you?

just a baby.

Of course that counts.

I also have a very early childhood memory. I remember my mother went out the room. There was another woman in the room that I wasn't very familiar with. My mother was very calm and gentle. I was alarmed when this woman rushed up to my crib, and pulled me up, her arms were too big and soft and I felt overwhelmed. Her voice sounded loud, and I couldn't understand why she was squeezing me so hard. She started spooning this mush food at my face. And I seriously remember being overwhelmed and feeling like I was drowning in mush. She wasn't gentle and I felt like I couldn't breath or see because of the horrible mush covering my face. It was my grandmother - maybe she decided I wasn't being fed enough or something. I must have been yelling, be
cause I remember my mother suddenly appearing again, and being relieved. And I remember them both yelling, and I knew it was over me and the mush food. I've since been nervous of my grandmother and a fussy eater, hehe. Seriously, I told my mom this memory and she laughed and said that I must have seen it in a movie or something. But I seriously always remember that random day. Weird what we remember.

Yes, parents don't like you remembering this stuff. They always like to claim you cannot remember it.

Right! Because sometimes, you might have seen them at their worst and they don't want anybody else to know that! lol!