Tribel Group ****** My Wife

i used to live in Brazil for last 3year's as i and my wife are Indian's i got transferred to this place my wife is so gorgeous and milk white and when she where any shirt her boob's seems to ready to pop out i feel very embersed and she has very nice shapes and milk white face she is very busty and always pleases me to sex and i tell i have to reach my goals then she used to get disappointed
2.I used to take her to forest to take her thought's away we two have arranged a tent i deep forest and i know their are some tribe's live in Brazil amazon forest so to capture their photos i arranged some photo's in some placed while i reaching to the tent i surprised to see they are three tribe's taking my wife some where my wife shouting loudly and went nearer to them they took me also big man came all at one bowed at us in their expression they took because as they were celebrating some festival that is their meaner of invitation who are in same jungle we two slept at that night in some hut with them according to their sexual relationship the big man as many wife they want but not to smaller one after that day my wife and i had bath we came to them i went outside for sight
4.i returned back that is their festival time i stopped to see my wife activities with tribe men she is danced with women for some time
she went back to hut i reached her hut she is sitting alone after some time three tribe people reached their at she is removed her shirt and nicker she is bra and panty the three tribe men stood eruct due to seeing my wife beauty big boob's one tribe men trowed her down my wife shouted loudly second one pushing his penis into to her panty in doggy style and other two guy's placed their big penis on her head and hitting with them she shouted for some time and started to take one penis into her mouth & swallowing it moaning like and other tared her bra and started to suck big breast she is sounding
5.and other tared her panty and two of pushed their big ****'s into her whole's she started to is sucking her two breast milk and other two tribes are drilling her wholes hardly she is saying ha...hard....harder...harder...i..ii..*** and three at a time cummed allot one cummed in her mouth and other two are cummed in her wholes i came to her pretending noting happened to her because i know her desire we used to their every once in a year
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Dec 10, 2011