The Neighbor Seduced Her

My good friend and neighbor seduced my wife with my help.

Jay would help me around the house sometimes and he would always make  sexual comments about my wife like damn nice *** sure would like to play with it and  other comments but all had a sexual over tone he knew I was fine with it  I had told him a few times just flirt with her she loves the attention who knows how it will go.

  I told him to come to the store with us and pick up some drywall this way you can flirt in the store while I get the order, once at the store I went to the order desk and they walked around some. After I got the order ticket I could see them by the drywall she was sitting next to him very close and laughing and he would whisper something to her I could see her hand on his leg not doing anything just there so  as far as I could tell he was doing a good job of flirting

As I came up to them she moved her hand,  I said I would bring the truck around to load it they said they would wait for me there. Well we loaded the drywall and were on our way back to the house she was sitting between us it was dark when we left the store and I didn't see at first but when we went under a street light I noticed his hand was up the back of her shirt he wasn't doing anything it was just there I did not say anything about it until we got to the house and were alone I asked him how it went in the store with the flirting he said he thinks it went fine and he told me how she had her hand on his leg and made a comment to her about how he would  like it if her hand was to move closer he said she laughed and said i'm sure you would then she saw you coming and moved it. I asked about his hand up the back of her shirt he said oh you saw that? she did not tell me to move it so I was just rubbing her lower back he also said that as he was doing that she moved her leg against his and put her hand on her right side of her leg by my hip and pushed against his hip a few times like trying to rub his leg. I just said damn sounds like we may have something.

So when we started to unload  drywall  we came through the door my wife was sitting on the stairs with her shorts on so when we went outside I told him next time we go in stay inside a min. and ask her to spread her legs for you when you come in the door maybe she will or she will say no but try. So on the next trip out he stayed in for just a second to tell her kind of like in  a joke like manner to show more leg when he comes in I asked him what she said when he came out he said she just said your funny, so I seen every time we came in (he was first in the door) with a sheet of drywall she would open her legs just a bit for him then close them when I could see that was fine with me so when we were done she asked who wanted something to drink I said I was fine he said I want something sweet she told him that there wasn't anything sweet then he went into the kitchen with her I could not see them to well from where I was sitting when he came back he had a smile on his face he said he was going home so I said I will walk you out I asked him why the smile he said that when he went in the kitchen he walked up behind her and said here is something sweet and put his hand on her *** and by her ***** he said she did not do a thing I said maybe she couldn't feel you do it if it was a light grab he reached over and grabbed my arm and said do you feel this that is how hard I rubbed her I just said ok she felt it. He asked me if he could stop over the next day and talk to her he was off work I said how much talking will you do? I told him that's fine but I want to know everything he said are you sure I said yes.

Well I did not see him when I got home that night but she told me that Jay was over and they talked for a long time about how his soon to be ex wife drama was going, I said so that's it she said that she had asked him if they had any kids together he said no he had a vasectomy and the kids are hers from her first husband.

Well that was on Thursday sex that night was great she was wild.  Friday came around she said Jay was over and they talked some more and she thinks he needed to just vent well that night when I put my hand on her ***** I could tell she was all trimmed up her ***** was not that trimmed the night before and she does not trim her hairs that much they do not grow that fast and I like a bit of carpet I did not ask about it I just waited until I saw Jay Saturday and asked him how things were going at the house with my wife he just said well you did say it was ok to flirt it just went farther than flirting I said so tell me how it went,    he said well when I came over Thursday we did talk some and she said that she would look over in the yard when I was outside with out my shirt on and enjoyed the view, I told her that I would take my shirt off for her anytime she just looked and smiled and said oh carefull what you say I just may ask you to do it, so I just took off my shirt and told her I am all yours she just looked and smiled and said she would be back in a little bit as she walked by me she just rubbed  my chest and smiled again,  she went down stairs for about ten minutes when she came back up I could smell tooth paste,I told her I missed her she said thats good and by the way I did feel you grab my *** that night in the kitchen but I could not say anything so I asked her if she was mad she said no that she enjoyed the attention  so I asked her if she would like a good back rub she just turned around and said ok so I rubbed  her shoulders and her back some she said it felt good so I moved lower and  rubbed her hips and kind of her *** and she did not stop me so I started to rub her thighs and up to her *** when she didn't say anything I rubbed between her legs starting at her knee and as I moved up she opened her legs for me so I  moved up to her ***** and rubbed she started to moan so I reached around to the front of her jeans and rubbed her ***** some more then she turned around and started kissing me and unzipping my pants, I was unzipping hers at the same time he said  she gets a bit wild when she is horny she pulled my **** out and just got on her knees and sucked it hard and fast I came in a min. and told her to lay down and pulled her jeans off and licked her *****, after awhile she got me hard again and we ****** she took it many ways both front and back she was very wild I hope your not mad but you did say go for it and at that point who could stop.

So after we were all cleaned up we talked for about an hour she said just don't tell my husband about this I told her I would not say a thing but would be back over Friday if that was ok with her.  She said that would be fine come over about 10:00am I will leave the door open come in and lock it behind you, I will be upstairs. So I was at your house at 10:01 the door was open and I did lock it behind me I called her and she was upstairs waiting for me, I went up and she was sitting on the bed with a very nice satin top on I just sat next to her and started kissing her I layed her down and kissed her neck and shoulders I also started to rub her ***** when I went under her waistband I could tell her ***** hair was nice and short and that she must have trimmed it.

At this point all I could do was pull her top off and start sucking her **** then I moved down to her belly then ***** all in all we sucked ,****** and sucked for about an hour, then I rolled her over and slid my finger in her *** as long as she did not say stop I just kept at it, when she started to moan and push her *** into my finger I asked her if she would like me to **** her in her ***, She said that she was hoping I would do that so she got on her hands and knees and I went behind her I put my **** in her ***** for lube then I put it in her *** slow at first then she backed into it. All I can say is your wife loves to get it in her *** as much as her *****, I left a large load in her.

Oh I forgot I'm not to tell you about it but she did say that if I know my husband he will ask you if you want to have a ********* some time just play along with him and we can do this together.

This is not the first time I set her up and it will not be the last 

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The only pics I have are from many many years ago. The ones that Dave the photo guy took

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i hope you'll post a pic of your wife for us! She sounds sweet! Bill in Va.