My Wife's First Experience Was A Young Black Stud.

After several years of asking my wife to take on a lover she finally gave in but only cause she got the hot's over a young black guy she met and after the first night he was her lover for some time! It happen in the back seat of my car and me in front seat in the middle of the night in a empty parking lot! Believe me I got a awesome show from where I sat! I still remember the smell of *** through out the car as this young black pumped my wife savagely and her moaning so loud that I had to close the windows of the car! The excitement at one point was to much for my wife for she kicked the window out in the back with her bare foot! No I'll never forget her first experience after all I was there!

Willboo Willboo
61-65, M
17 Responses Aug 14, 2010

This, my friend is ONE HOT STORY!

wow...kicked the window out...he must have hit just the right spot...would love to watch my redhead wife with a black **** in her in the backseat!!!

I love reading experiences for the first time, they are just so erotic and exiting!

I bet you would!

love ur stories id love to do ur wife

There isn't much on your profile to compare!

How can I get in touch with you guys?

That was her first experience and long time ago, she would have screwd him in the middle of Time Square that night she was so hot! She would never screw in the back seat of a car now, our bedroom is much better!

Great anecdote...I'm looking forward to reading more of your wifes sexapades :)

Oh I share her often!

Oh I give my wife her privacy many times now, I had talked to one of her lovers and he said my wife really ***** when he gets her alone and she is one wild **** then but when I'm around she is more tame! So I have learned to give her her space so can let go!

I know Sloowhand, isn't it awesome!

Willboo, I know about waiting. Sometimes they want a little privacy. At times just hearing and not seeing them is MORE exciting.

To bad jerrica, you must try again after all pratice makes perfect! My wife hasen't had a black she didn't want again and usually does! I wana join them but she won't let me!.......:(

my first was a young black guy too. unfortunately, he was more a dud than stud lol

My wife has been ******* a black guy who used to be live by us and they used to **** every chance they got but he moved so now he pays us a visit now and then and they **** up stairs in our bedroom while I'm down stairs waiting!

Long, long ago! I've been sharing her for 7 years now!