The nine month mystery..not knowing what you were having..a son? A daughter?  Picking out two sets of names.The look on every person's face when it's announced.'s a neat thing to now know the sex of your baby.  We can still be shocked and silly with love. Yet, waiting those months was pretty dreamy. I was certain I was having a  boy. They had to say , " it's a girl", twice to me.

It's something a mom never forgets and re-tells that story for years to come.

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Congratulations, belatedly.

Lol Puppies!! Ha ha<br />
No, seriously, I know what you mean! I had weird dreams during my pregnancies too! <br />
<br />
But you're right. It's been within my generation that ultrasounds became available. My mom had to be "surprised" too! I'm the youngest of four girls and I was born in 1973 and my mom had to wait until I was born to find out she was having "Another" girl! Ha ha<br />
She didn't mind though.....:)

It hasn't been all that long that the sex of he baby was able to be determined. I did all the " safe side" things too.My nursery was a butternut yellow and a touch of clothes too. Now Mom's can get it just the way they love. I had dreams of birthing a boy. Once I dreamed I had puppies!! OMG..Now I know 3rd trimester dreams are usually weird. A creepy dream was having my baby but it could talk! Yikes. Ultra sound is neat. I had xrays. The Mom lay as flat as possible, on her stomach for the films. Actually it was on the knees and tummy pressed down just enough .That was not good! It seems crude, as she was born in 1975.

I had ultrasounds with all of my kids, so I knew what I was having, but I got what I wanted each time!! :)