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I was in the mood for a sweet treat today. Browsing the candy section and nothing looked great. I remembered candy from back in the day. A quarter would fill the little brown to the top. Babe Ruth bars, Clark bars, Mounds candy bars were huge. They sold for 10 cents. Anyone buy candy cigarettes that had powdered sugar for the smoke?  Red wax lips and black wax mustaches. Fake candy teeth were cool. I loved Black Jack gum but I don't think they sell that anymore.Black taffy and Gum Cigars..Necco wafers were pretty cool to sneak in class.  They were flat & the teacher didn't notice them in your mouth. Tea berry gum and a sheet of candy dots on wax paper.You could get loads of those for 2 cents...too bad I didn't like them.  They use to have a Sugar Daddy that took an entire day to finish..sticky as heck!  We returned pop bottles to the store & bought our candy that way. Two cents to five cents on a bottle.  That was big commerce for a seven year old.  heart Just a flash from the sweet past.
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Robert you spit Sugar Daddy juice! Mom would have nailed me for that. I did flash my wax candy teeth at strangers. They must have thought I was a nutter. I remember the big Sugar Daddy would stick my jaw shut. Mom probably liked that. Got me quiet for a minute.Oh yeah, baseball cards are collectable now. It was fun to get a clothes pin & put the cards in the bike spokes.Clatter clatter all around the neighborhood.Funny how a piece of paper seemed so unique & cool.My brother & his best buddy, Robert, started it ..all the kid's wanted to do it after that. I still see Robert riding his bike..He & my brother went to the Army together. Robert died in Vietnam.My brother excorted his body home...Good friends till the end.

AH, my friend you sure have a nack fo picking the best page's of the memory book. When I was young back in the cave day's and parent's could trust to let children out of their sigth, my sister's and I would walk along the road and collect pop bottle's. They were worth a penny a piece then. When we had gathered all we could find we headed to Mr.Emerson's store. We could spend hour's looking through the big glass case of candy trying to decide. I loved those big sugar daddy's. I would pull it off the stick and roll it up and put it in the side of my mouth and when an adult got close I would spit out the juice like I had a plug of tabacky in. Oh the look's I got. Baseball card's were a nickle a pack and had a stick of gum with them. We chewed the gum and either threw out the card's or used one of momma's cloth's pin's to attach them to our bike's so that the spoke's hit them and made a noise. I have often wondered how much those card's would be worth today.

Ha! playing Communion with the Necco wafers. My favorite was the choclolate ones. Oh, I saw some in the Family Dollare store. I bought a roll.They tasted weird..humm..I ate thenm and had a couple of personal giggles.Next time I'll do the offerings LOL. Once I tried chewing that little wax bottle.Yuck. I chewed & chewed..never realizing you weren't suppose to eat that part..silly kid.

Ladee, Picking up Acorns sounds fun.We had a million of those but no one wanted them.Your goodies sound a movie! Neat. I loved the Saturday movies for kids. Texaslily, I don't remember the Chunky candy..if I saw a picture, it would come back to my memory. Funny part..the pickle! How cute..I still love the big crunchy ones. The lipstick candy..Yes..I do remember that one now. I bought it.We smeared them on our mouth to look grown up. That's hilarious. Good times being a kid back then.. every kid on the block was your friend when you had a sack of candy.

True..I think scrounging up the pop bottles was just a load of fun. I pulled a little wagon about the neighborhood. Put bottles in the wagon & hear the " Ching ching" in my head..A day in the neighborhood. No computers and electronic games. Just life . Find what you need to be happy. That's it and it was fine.

What great memories we hold from our past, when there was more in value than what we had to give.<br />
Its a shame our children of today have the complete opposite.