Our First Kiss

Senior year in high school.
Last day that we had to come to school.
Were never lovers, only claimed to be best friends.
Roller coaster ride of unrequited love-
One day I'm in love with you and you're not
Next day you're in love with me and I'm not.
Two lives not likely to ever cross paths again
I attempt to say goodbye
You pull me under the stairwell
There are no words, just action
You pull me into you
Kiss me slowly
Breathtaking, I lose myself
To the passion of this moment
To the smell of your skin
To the taste of your tongue
To the gentle touch of your hands.
Our bodies seemed to know what we were never able to admit.
You were more than my best friend.
You were the one.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
Dec 4, 2012