It was our second date. We were hanging out at his place. We fixed a drink and sat around talking for a little while. He needed some cigarettes so we got up to go to the store. Now, before this time, I'd wondered a few times when and how the first kiss would happen. I was getting my purse and cell phone so we could go.
I was standing by the TV and he just came for me. He walked up and started kissing me, like he just couldn't wait anymore. He embraced me completely. We somehow ended up on the other side of the room between the bed and the wall.
I told him we aren't going anywhere right now. He pushed me into the wall and kissed me harder. He sat down on the bed and looked up at me. And he just fell over. I said, "What is wrong with you?" He smiled so big and said, "Man I don't know," and wobbled around on the bed for a minute.
We did go to the store eventually, but that was some kiss.
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Aug 18, 2014