Mother !!

it was just a lazy saturday and we had been talking about going school shopping earler that morningl and i would guess we still had about 2 weeks till high school stated for us back in 1961 and we had worked the night before due to an accident we had been ask to open our station about 2 am.

we had went into our room to do something and later our mother opened the door to ask us if we wanted to go shopping in a hour or so

but we were busy doing other things as roberta's mother looked at us and ask what {we thoguht we were doing} and Roberta just looked at her mother and told her mother we were making a baby as her mother said ok. you have 10 minutes

As our mother closed the door, roberta bit my shoulder and her body just seemed to explode the whole time her mother was talking to us i was shooting hot baby juice deep in to roberta's love passage

and for her shool shopping this year was very speical as it was the first time inher life she would be going to school as she had been born a girl
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 16, 2012