you have to understand we never were average kids

it was the fall of 1961

it was early after noon on a saturday we had been shopping in the morning and we had gottenhome and our grandmother ask what are plans were for the rest of the day and roberta said she would like to go for a ride before we put the bikes up for winter and out grandmother said she would make us a snack as they knew how long our rides could last.
as we went to change clothes and i got the bikes out .

Roberta when and gotour saddle bags and put extra clothing in them and the snack out mother and grandmother made for us we told them we were going the back route in to warm springs then home. as we pulled outof the house we made one stop at our station to fill our tanks and our boss was there and he ask us to check his cabin as long as we were going to be in the area and he gave us some of the dry tea mix we liked so much and his wife gave us a bag of smelly stuff for our room

we leftthe station and rode up washington blvd then made the right on to mission anf followed it about 5 miles till we made the turn on to 680 and drove up it till the cross roads then we made the right on to the back road as we knew they sky did not look good but we had to check the caben before we turned back and headed for home. was we rode down the back road we found the date we were looking for as i gotoff my bike and unlocked the gate we turned and drove up the dirt road about 3/4 of a mile to the flat area the cabin was in as it started to pour down rain.
I open the sotrage building abd we put the bikes in there as it was dry as we ran to the cabin and opened the door, we checked the cabin and found soem fire wood and got a small fire going in the fire place and roberta found a pie pan and put someof the smelly stuff in it and sat it by the fire to get rid of the musty smell

we started the genertor system so we had some power for the radio and we made a nest on the living room floor to watch the storm raging outside in the sky about 90 minutes later was saw flashing red lights as a police car drove up n the the cleared area we opened the door so he could come in
and he ask us a few questions and while he did not know us he knew of us and he just said they would check on us a few times during the night and we ask him to call ur home and tell our parents we were going to weather the storm out here and we gave him the number.

as he left we opened the saddle bags and took out one sandwhich and a soda and shared it with each other taking turns feeding each then we snuggled up to each other as we watched the storm and soon we found other things to be doing under the blankets as we played with words for a long time on how she was not that type of girl as we played with words and touching till our bodys just said enought was enought
and we joined each other and then i saw that look in her puppy dog eyes i kissed her and we did what she enjoyed to do after we made love with each other.

so we were woke up up by an explosion that shock the cabin and we could smell the change in the air as we checked ever thing we decide to clean each other up roberta had already put a pan by the fire so we had warm water as we cleaned each other up and dressed in c;lean clothing we head a truck coming up the hill as we turned on the outside lights we saw our truck and mother and granparents as the ran to the house in the down pour

they had bought us extra food and clean clothing and they fixed us some hot dogs for dinner as we all sat there and watched the storm and soon they said it was time for them to head down the hill and for us to becareful as they had to use 4x4 to get up the hill as held each others as they walked out to the truck our grandfather turned and ask roberta if she was still his little girl and roberta said papa i will always be your little girl but i am going tohave jis baby some day as we all hugged the head for home and we snuggled back up by the fire place tow atch the storm and roberat was crying as we knew she would never have a child no matter how many times we tried she kissed me and said we had each other
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May 16, 2012