I Can Recall Three Past Lives.

I only remember three past lives of my own. Im not sure in which order they were lived.

I remember living out my days as a tree of some sorts. The sensations and colors I can pull from that life are greens (ranging from a watery spring green to an almost whitish-celery green). I felt cool winds, crisp dew drops, and a moist fertile earth beneath my roots. Through meditations Ive tried to recall what sort of tree I was. So far the only tree that seems to match is a willow tree of something along those lines.

My other past life was that lived as a wolf. Certain details become lost overtime so I can only remember that my eyes were a shade of nightsky (blue). I've seen my reflection in pools of water many times (which is how I knew what my eye color was). The color of my coat is difficult to remember, it was between gray and brown. I know for a fact that I was a mother and raised at least three cubs. This is one of my lives that resonates deep within me, never has my wolf-spirit left or been diluted.

The last life was that of a tribal warrior, possibly a Pict or a member of some clan in Northern Europe (Ireland, Scotland, England). I do remember it being around the time of the Roman occupation of those lands so that should help.
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