One More Story....

Had a psychic reading done up north by a woman who did past life readings: what she told me seems silly, maybe outrageous--but, a good point to it all was that everything she told of those past lives....had connections to me, in that each one(she described 3)---they stuck with me because of talents/interests i have in this life-which i told her nothing about.
She said in each of the 3 she told me about-that i was male....the first: she said i was a great philosopher...intersting, i dig philosophy
The 2nd: she said i was a scientist of some sort and was attempting to develop a form or forms of flight...before flight existed.....I am into science--one of my big interests/i am good at science and have always been.....And, the 3RD: she said i was a wheel maker, a famous wheel-maker in europe many many years ago-and said i was famous for my wheels....this i thought was interesting because i am a good artist who enjoys working with my hands--also a if i was a wheel maker, yeah-mine probably would be the best
Please, share ur thoughts on this/these....just BS? or possible?-considering who i am today?.....
peacefulprincess peacefulprincess
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Hi Peacefulprincess! It was interesting reading your posts. I've got heaps of memories and most of them were triggered by seeing a photograph or meeting someone I knew in a previous life. I probably wouldn't believe anything anyone else tells me about my previous lives though unless it rings true. It's possible she's correct but the best thing for you is if you can tap into your own memories. You can tap in through meditation too but this is a lot of work and takes time. If you want to remember more put that intent out to the universe and you will starting coming across triggers. My biggest trigger was recently when I saw a photo of a man online and memories started coming back. It turned out this guy's name is Nick Bunick and he has memories of being the apostle Paul. I believe him because I remember the Apostle Paul. I was around during the early church days and I think I was in a church he came to visit. I have a memory of sitting in a room and he was speaking. The interesting thing is that in the movies when they portray Yeshua (Jesus) or anyone of that time they always make out that the land was dry and desert-like but in my memories it's not at all. There were lots of trees and in one memory I was riding on a cart between fields of corn and there's a beautiful sunset but there's no desert. Lol. The only thing that bugs me is that in all of my memories from that time I still don't know who I was. Patience eh.