Old Soul?

Last night, I had a dream...
It was WW2 Germany...
I was a little Jewish girl, about 8. I had two little sisters and a 10 year old brother, along with a group of adults, and an Uncle...
Well, we were running, and a nice old woman called Eiffie Fuhrmann took us in, gave us shelter.
For a few days, we were alright - planning escape routes out of Germany.
When one day, some of the Nazis came to her house. My Uncle (not my real-life uncle, but the one in the dream) told us to run. So I took my two little 5 year old sisters and my older brother and we ran up to hide in Eiffie's study.
The other adults were gunned down, but my Uncle managed to kill two of them (I didn't see it though, because it was through my own eyes)
And we hid in there. I told my sisters to get into the wardrobe and hide. They stayed quiet and hid there, and my brother went to see if Uncle was okay...
The Nazis bust into the study, with my brother bound up at their feet, and started yelling at me. Eiffie turned around in her chair, smiled, and shot me in the head.
And then I woke up scared out of my mind and hoping my sisters were okay... and I don't have any sisters...

I'm 15 years old, and I've always loved music from the 30's-50's, and I've never really liked the recent fashions, always the old things. One of my mother's friends has remarked before that I've got an old soul.

I've had various dreams like this before, but it was mostly from the Nazi/Wehrmacht side of WW2, rather than the Jewish folk... I know it's dark, and sinister, but... it's just what it is. If you want me to describe it in more detail, I can. I remember everything. The strange thing was, this felt like a memory - not a dream. 
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i had a similar dream as you. i dreamt about WWII during japanese occupation in china. it was so real, so i guess it was my pass life! in that dream, my uncle, he is not my uncle in real life. i'm a chinese girl about 18+years old, i fall in love with a japanese soldier. in my real life i only cry for the people that i know. in that dream, i really cried when i know he was still alive(but i don't know this person in my real life), and i woke up with tears. my feeling towards him was so strong even though this person never exist in my real life. then, i told my friends about this. nobody believes me. one of them thought i'm insane, some of them said i think too much, some of them said i'm lying.

I didn't have any dreams but when I was little like four or under I would talk about the past like how much slaves cost ($5) and what I wore corsets pedicoats that sort of thing and how I missed having people do everything for me

Wow, it sounds like memory recall to me. There are numerous individuals that have had past life recalls of living on concentration camps, and some that have experienced similar experiences to yours. Skeptics will come up with all sorts of things to discredit your accounts. Hold firm to your beliefs and your memories, because you may just help someone else through your own personal story. I do have my own personal questions for you, but I won't asked them here. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, it means alot.