I Married The Wrong Man

I had this dream that was to real to be a dream so I think it was a past life. I was in love with a young man we went to a resturant to have something to eat & drink it took place somewhere in Europe maybe England/Ireland the clothing was rough hand woven frabic and I even remember the lapel on the dress jacket of the men being narrow and long. Any way while at this tavern my young love propossed to me and I said yes! He said drinks all around and everyone celebrated our engagement. The next scene is that I am in front of a minister gettting married and he asked me if I take this man as my husband and I said I do, I was somewhat out of it, like i was drugged or something. My parents where there and town folk, everyone was drinking and getting drunk in celebration. Then this older women came up to me at the party and said tell me something why did you marry him when you said you would marry the other guy. At that point I turned around and looked at the man I married in the crowd it was not the man I promised to marry, it was some other guy. I was so upset I was going up and saying to people I married the wrong guy but no one was really listening they where drunk saying "Oh yeah! We all marry the wrong person. I was blown away as to how this happened I looked at this guy he was arogant, conceded, fluanting his money around, this is who my parents wanted me to marry and not who I promised to marry and I felt I betrayed my love. My parents had drugged me because they didn't want me to marry the man I wanted to marry. I ran out of the celebration into the forest crying and passed out some where. Next thing I knew I was in bed I was sick of consumption and died because I married the wrong man and felt I betrayed my love.
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I had a similar past life in medivel England I jumped of a cliff they day my arranged husband to be was to perpose to me

So true it did parallel a real life situation, meaning I did marry the wrong person but there was no one else in my life at that time. That I had promised to marry that I knew of unless I had an agreement before I came in and hadn't met that person yet. This happened when I was just turning 50 yrs old. Also I was somewhat drugged I was flying high with this man that I married thought I was in love. so some what drugged. Looking from your idea I'd say my challenge was to live through the experience rather then choose to die from the heartache. Which I am doing, I'm now 61 we haven't been together for several years, he lives in another country and it's behind me, filed for divorce. Thanks for your helpful insight and experience. I'm not sure what a 999 call is did you mean 911????

The way it happens with me is (...more or less...) that when I have something to solve, heal or overcome in this present life, something from a previous life very related but also unsolve, comes out as part of the same... issue to be solve. So that, somehow, by solving it in this life, you also solve it in the previous life... Not sure if all of this make sense, or you are calling 999 right now...