I remember inviting her to come back with me to this life, to find each other and fall in love once again… But it wasn’t her time; she needed to become a guide instead.

Boys been boys, I remember choosing this life as a reaction to that; to make the pointless point of a pointless life without her. How silly of me… =) … and they say higher beens do not have an ego…

She just smiled and said; “As you wish, I would be here, waiting… It will only be an instant after all.”

And off I went, even with a higher rush. Almost with the same rush I passed away in my very previous life.

In that previous life I was an Italian engineer, I repaired and designed different types of engines. And I loved motorbikes, I loved to ride my Ducati through the narrow countryside roads and feel the sunshine and the wind… and the speed…

Needless is to say that I would not wear a helmet, and that my death was quick and painless but dramatic. That black car was also driving fast through the middle of the road and from the top of that ford I could not avoid it… head first through the windscreen…

And that was almost the same way I was born; I got stacked with my head out and the umbilical cordon tight around my neck… I can almost see the continuity of my head coming in of one life and getting out in the next one with the same rush.

Now I am in the process of my re-birth. Now I am taking ownership of my own life and making the point out of it… I made peace with her and keep sending her lots of love, all the time.

Now I have no rush, life is too short for that… it is only and instant after all.

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Have you ever tried doing some digging into that life when you was an Italian engineer? maybe with those specific details, and knowing that engines are relatively new sorta speak, you could probably find the exact details of who you were exactly, your love & family ....

Hi Lolco and many thanks for your comment. No, I have not done that research. I believe that sometimes we remember events from past-life that may be useful for what we are going through in this current life; there is something to be completed or some learning to be done.

Doing the level of research that you suggest may detach the experience from its deep meaning. It could perhaps lead to focusing too much to the physical events that once was and perhaps getting attachments to it. But many thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I completely understand, & thanks for the reply : )

Have you found her again in this life yet?

Not yet, and I do not think that she is meant to be with me in this life, as her role was to remain as spirit and most possibly learn and develop through that experience.

Knowing (…or believing …) this, does not really help in terms of engaging into meanfull relationships, or trusting women… I still have not been able to fully overcome that childish feeling of betrayal… my ego has not really learned just yet to accept that she chose not to be with me in this life… so that is part of my learning.

Thanks Destinyyy for your comment anyway.

So many feelings caught from these beautiful words. Creates a great image in my mind. Thank you for sharing

This is beautiful :)

Thank you so much for sharing. I remember my past lives as well. Some in detail, others just bits and pieces. I've also sensed the same connection you describe with my guide. He's more than a guide. With his love and patience being far beyond any sort of maturity I can begin to understand. He appears in my dreams to encourage me in times of conflict, so I've never been able to quite put into words the connection I felt until I read this. Thank you so much for this story again.

I got chills reading this! But it's truly amazing. Thank you for sharing. :) <3