Past Life's

a few years ago a friend recommended me to try recall a past life through meditation and that i did i had found out i was a well privileged girl in the dark ages but due to my father trying to marry me off to a man who mad me feel uncomfortable (the feeling=Calm and all so very painful) the day he took me to a cliff edge to propose i jumped and that was all i had seen, i have recalled most of that very day and also have hear the scream of my mothers voice when she found out i was gone along side whispers and  and gasps of horror. i recall wherein i light coloured dress that was very beautiful. tonight i tried to conect with the male to see if he had anyother information behind him and it lead me to a difrent time this one more recent being 20-40 years ago where her has standing in a lush green garden back faceing me and the same over whelming feeling of calm trmbeling through me body
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What I do it go to a place full of nature sit down and concentrate on my breathing my blood flow and think let my mind wander. don't try to think about anything but let go. it takes lots of meditating to remember tho.

Wow that's very powerful....I wish I knew how to mediate so I could connect with my past lifes^^