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I Might Get A Chance To Meet My Past Best Friend. I Really Need Some Advise!

If you've read my other story this will make much more sense. But the opportunity has come up for me to meet him again!! To refresh your memories or tell you this the first time-I'm 18, male and not long ago I discovered I have found someone who was my best friend in a past life(that I left way too early and tragically)

I finally met him face to face and he had the same reaction as when I first saw him. He frowned at me as if trying to work out who I was. Like he recognized me. And he kept my stare for ages and ages-to the point where I had to look away. Since then, we've been apart. It was a very brief not-so-much-meeting...when we did see each other the first time.

My good news is I get the chance to see him again. The opportunity has presented itself and I'm very excited but also nervous. I know in advance now that I will see him when I didn't before which has left my heart and soul feeling incredibly content and kinda cosy. But now there's anticipation there wasn't before. I won't do anything stupid. I'm not the kind to. But I just felt I had to post this to ask any advice from people who have had any similar experience or just anything. Please. It will be really helpful. If you can think of anything I want to know. Even if you want to tell me I should take a chill pill or give me some criticism.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Things may be happening fast for a reason. He may not have very much time left in this life. Do you have any idea of what the unfinished business with this person might be? Or why you chose to come back so soon? I think that before you meet with him again, you should try to answer those questions. You may be thinking that you are stepping into something positive, but it might be the opposite.

I know that you love him, but what was so urgent that you needed to come back right away to finish, instead of waiting to be incarnated with him in a life where you can both be the same age?
You realize that you just can't pick up where you left off. According to him, that friend is dead and he would expect him to be waiting at the pearly gates when he arrives.

I think you should get the answers to those questions before you step into something you might regret. Temptation breeds impatience. It could be that your purpose in this life was not meant to involve him. Seeing him again and meeting him may have been a fluke designed to throw you off your true purpose. Ask for some spiritual guidance. Have another past life regression but ask these questions to try and get some clarity. I wish you all the best and hope all goes as it is supposed to.

God Bless.

Lucy M.

Hello. Thanks so much for replying.
I really appreciate that you did. I really haven't though about it that way, but I'm glad that you pointed that out to me. I think you are getting the wrong impression...Though I may have said different a month or something back, I realise we can't just pick up where we left off. I'm not attached to the person I used to be any more, either. I realised he's gone and that life was incredibly hard then anyway. The relationship-whatever it might be-between us in this life is supposed to be fresh and new, but the clear (to me) soul connection and recognition just makes it comforting. I had my last regression with those questions in mind, actually. I'm supposed to teach him something. Believe it or not, I've actually grown more than he has so far(spiritually). I'm supposed to be there. When the PLR therapist took me to my death and between lives, all I expressed was there was an even greater purpose. One that went beyond that life. I thought before that I had died young and for no reason, but it wasn't. Apparently at the time 'we' weren't taking the illness seriously, thinking it wouldn't really happen to us. What was revealed to me last time when my higher self was asked questions is that I actually saved him. "I" had to die at that time so he could still be alive now. So though it was distressing and impacted greatly on him, I had to do it. But the deal was that it was temporary and it still continues in this life as something else. I'm meant to do something for him and I think he's meant to teach me something, too. By the way, he's not that old now. I doubt his time is almost up. Should be at least another 30 years. And I'd also be suspicious because of our ages and so on, but somehow I'm totally at his level of maturity and a lot has happened for me in my life already which has given me a lot of life experience, too. Adding onto that, I've been asking for guidance and such and it all seems to be pointing in the same direction. The opportunity to meet has now been postponed, though. It'll be another few months-possibly more. I'm still stuck with what the unfinished business might be and why exactly I had to come back so quickly. You've given me that to think about and I'll make sure I do now. I'll also book another regression. Maybe things will make a tad more sense after the next. Thank you again so for replying. I knew you'd give me just the kind of answer I needed. I didn't mean to bother you, but it's not every day you get to talk to someone who has had a similar experience to you, in this case.

God bless.


You can bother me any time. This subject intrigues me. Your situation reminds me of the television show 'Twice in a lifetime', which I watched faithfully every week.
You are actually teaching me. Through you, all I ever believed about past lives, reincarnation and spontaneous recognition of the soul has been confirmed. If we tried talking to our less open minded family and friends about it, they'd have us committed to an Institution.

My regret is that I can't be hypnotised. My mind is so restless I can't relax it enough to do a past life regression. I so want to and have tried, but always fail. You are fortuneate.
You can message me anytime you want to talk and let me know how it goes.

God Bless

Lucy M. (%

I haven't seen that TV show.
Wow, it's good to know I'm teaching you. I like to teach people in that way, actually. Especially about things involving spirituality or what might be seen as out of the ordinary. Life is definitely not just a case of, You live and you die. There's so much more. You learn and grow and everything happens for a reason and every challenge is built to make you stronger. I find myself being thankful for my life challenges now. I've never felt stronger and I do tend to teach people as well as learn from them. Exactly. It's a subject that is just far too advanced for people who have been brought up to live and believe all the 'normal' things. Or as I like to call it, the closed path. I imagine it like they're in these safe little tunnels and not knowing or believing what's outside, they'll be happy in the tunnel because that's all they know. Very few of us escape that tunnel nowadays, it seems. I believe you can be hypnotised if you work at it. You can do anything you set your mind to. My advice, if you want to take it, is work on meditating and relaxing yourself. Also just try your best, any time you can, to visualise things. Anything. It can be a field or the ocean or that guy you told me about who seemed to recognise you, too. The point is that you teach your mind to be visual. Then get a trusted PLR therapist(you get to talk to them about everything beforehand) and just try and allow yourself to trust them. It is nerve-wrecking. I felt exactly the same my first time. But it's very relaxing and once you're in, incredible. They also usually have a deal that if you don't experience a past life, you can get your money back. The other option for relaxing your mind is calm music, but from something like pan pipes. Native American. Or Tibetan. Anything like that. Also, one of the sounds that seems to really do it is rain or the sound of waves. There's no harm in trying. Just keep telling yourself you can do it. We have the power in our minds to heal ourselves from sickness with positivity. I really believe you can do that. Good luck and in that case, if you want, I'll keep you updated. I'm also happy to answer any questions if I can and you're also welcome to send me a message any time. Thank you for your help.

Take care