Searching For All Of Me

do you ever feel like just a peace of you is missing no matter how hard I try I still feel like there is a hole like a piece of the puzzle . I have tried regressions , can get to some places but its still not fixing what I need fixed .. I know there is something I'm missing....I live and breathe believeing in past lives ....I just believe i need to go deeper and for some reason I cant ... any help out there
starsofame starsofame 46-50, F 1 Response Dec 3, 2012

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To believe that something needs fixing creates oneself in the perpetual position of needing fixing.
What is broken that needs fixing? Often times it helps to know and understand the truth of human existence. The world tells you one thing, and that thing is contrary to the truth. But the deception is so ingrained into the culture that the truth becomes uncomfortable to look at, but once you do, the deception is laughable.