I Remembered My Past Life...

I was always brought up Christian I was faithful to my church, but as I got older I kept think if one Church doesn't have it all right then how do I know one religion does? and why do I believe what I believe now? Because this is what I was taught to believe? No so I researched and talked to a friend about this. I started meditating and the other day memories of my past came back. It's really crazy finding out what you believed for so long isn't all that's out there. And then I started think what if there's more out there people don't know about... or maybe don't wanna know. Like Why did people make up Vampires, Dragons, ect? I'm not saying I believe in those per say but I think there is something else out there we ether don't know about or have chosen not to remember. I'd like answers... If anyone has any please post. also I'd love to here about others past lifes as well. =)
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past life hard as get older soul

And God said (to me) " It's good to remember"

The fall of man is due to rebellion against god Vampires are fallen angels that can not go to heaven so they get money and slaves to make the best of it on earth they live a long time and conceal them selves in many ways
Hell is a hole in the ground it is said
At the end bad will go to hell
The really bad all over the world
Will lock themselves up underground
To protact them selves so they can harm everyone or not help anyone but them selves before they know or are able to harm gods children a great earth quake
Will come and seal them in hell with the vampires the good people inherit the Earth and the masters accend and the evil suffer and die and are reborn on earth to get another chance when the
Devils of heaven hell and earth have suffered their karma they are released in
The new heaven of their choice and become gods of their own
Everything in the universe is connected to everything in the universe no matter how small all is important when love for all is attained a new level of ability is acquired acceptance of evil and godly selves as one in the same and one in the same as god and satan feelings of great remorse for all ignorance caused in all past lives beg satan and holy spirt of Jesus Christ to pass judgement as you have past your judgement to others
Awaken and take action in your vibration to awaken in yourself and others the truth of kindness wisdom peace true love temperance and discernment and tolerance and gratitude for all things.

Thanks for the insights!