Maybe Cleche Maybe Sign For All

Ok there's nothing I HATE more than clechés, but I found an on meditation so I decided to do some more look up what ever name comes to me. The name Alexander the Great comes to me. I look up his weiki and shortly read. I knew that in one of my past lives I could feel I had this young gay lover who I adored. I was of power. I looked up if he was gay and it of course soon read out things I wasn't too shocked to see. I don't want to go to further. I hate when people claim to be some great royalty for their past life PLUS have everyone claiming to be the same person. I then thought
Maybe Alexander the Great holds truth for a lot of people. Maybe certain cultures / countries or country of today should use his story as a lesson?
There was a vision I had a few years ago of me on a boat really early in the morning to South America . I though Simpatica!!! As I looked up at the beautiful tropical mountains! Peru meant something.
I feel like exploration was always big with me. I wasn't the best person in my lives. The Northumberland life and my " tabby" life ( girl born in Skye eventually being murdered in New haven Connecticut by a British watchman who's post was a white light house with ... Not sure if the top was black or red.. Been a while since I had the vision.) nEwayz it goes together. I lost a love one in both, but the colonial time tabby story there was some type of love triangle I think. I was murdered in the woods the man I lived with was shot earlier that day. I feel like certain stories fight to be heard. I remember thinking copsi spelled copsi but that seemed to be copsi from Northumbria. The reason we were caught. I was supposed to marry him....
Yeah got off subject but from now on all vision dreams and sudden thought shall be written here.
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Jan 15, 2013