To Know Your Past Life Is Nice Yet Angering Please Listen

I can't take this. I'm happy I had all these images and I actually found that my one past life exsisted. But now I'm really starting to feel that I was Alexander the Great!!! Ahhh **** I hate it bc everything I keep learning I NEVER knew about. Even when I picked up this long wooden stick I tossed it around and it felt so familiar!! At first I was thinking well in Hawaii they do acts like that but I had the urge to want to stab! I knew right away Alexander was gay. When I went "crazy" and had those visions I also felt this feeling of being this man the walked like he was intoxicated with confidence and lust. When I dated my ex he had blonde hair, I kept having fantasies of me having a young guy and I was the dominate male. I fed him grasp and had sex with him. As I walked I either walked like I was on a cloud or strict with my nose up like a nobleman. I kept feeling this though don't assume don't assume and in due time in due time. another Dont be so sure. ( like a sneer at me so i wouldnt bost. In my Northumbria life I knew most would say its far fetched, but to claim that I'm in fact Alexander, forget about it. I'm a ****** joke!!!!
Ahh I hate the fact people will NEVER get it! I feel blessed to have been able to learn from these stories, but hate not being able to tell people who never take me seriously! People also don't get you only recieve and remember what is right for you at the right time.
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so were you Macedonian or Greek Alexander?

I said something earlier to a young woman .Never looked up this till tonight.Years on end of contiplation and exceptance.Im multidimentional .Excepting .Has Been ...BEYOND WORDS .Used to it now.My advise is to enjoy it .Love the visions if their real you get a free ride to time travel .Learn .EMBRACE YOURSELF