My Pain Lives On

I have a past life that hurts me so bad. I can't remove the pain. Before I found out my life was real, I have pain and suicidal thoughts but did not know why. I killed myself while waiting for a lover who was said to be married and I thought he perished bc I though they said that to spare me. Only to find out he returned for me! Alone, a part of me cries alone and I died alone! It hurts so bad. I try to explain but I feel ... No one knows or believes. I feel the only way to understand is to go to the place where I took my life. Bambugh in Northumberland.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Trust me, you are not alone.

And while I will not say "I know how you feel" (because let us be honest, is it really possible to ever see inside someone else's head, to feel and experience things the exact same way someone else does?), I can tell you I have been through something similar.

You are right; the pain does live on. But there is also a reason why we experience this – to learn an invaluable lesson in life and to use that knowledge for good in our current lives.