I Found My True Ghost Story; The Pink Lady Of Bamburgh Castle

My name is Kathryne. I was born and raised in New Jersey. As a kid I had a "story" I always felt real. I never was a history buff, I spent most day as a child in a dance studio.
Around the age of 21, I started having vivid visions of my "chapter" and after much research, I found out my Story was true! In fact my story is considered "folk lore", but if they only knew...

Here's the folk lore story link and then there's my version..


or let's just say the girl, lived in the Kingdom of Northumbria. Her, 14 yr old princess on the Anglo Saxon territory with her family, and the he, whom she would soon meet,wore blue; a 14 yr old squire who was the enemy; The Normans.
The year of the whole tale takes place between the years of

1063/1065 - 1073...
Important dates I feel
1065, 1069, 1073

They first caught eyes at a festival outside, but while going on walks with her sisters in the following days, There he was
just sitting on the gray somewhat tall wall to the west, north and south, part of the kingdom. ( Later I read the name is Hadrian's wall... I always liked that name.. lol
There sitting on top of the gray boulder like stones was her angel! Gazing down upon her walking by, in his shiny tight blue pants, a silver cross on his chest, and some type on chained hood under a blue cap that were both supposed to go over the head...
was he! Just as the boy in the 1968 film, he looked a LOT like him ( the girl as that girl as well!) except his skin was much more pale and he
she always looked forward to the time when she could lock eyes with "him" sitting on the stone wall.
The boy on the wall...
She began to grow wildly fond of him, and he the same for her. They eventually decided that they would meet every day, if possible, by sunset near, the tree on the west side of the castle that was more secluded. Sometimes even a large possibly oak tree farther to the west in a huge field, where his family resided.

The girl felt on top of the world! She was also very prideful of homeland as well, Northumbria!!
In the spring the white cherry blossoms would come into bloom and sometimes, as she over looked the fielded valley, she could see his face once more through the flowing white pedals that which fluttered weightlessly to the ground. The meetings grew more and more frequent. It was like an exciting game, but her love was anything but jest. She loved him with all of her very being. So much, that death could not even keep them apart... Or so it seems. The mind forgets, but the heart never forget and tells no lies.

Sometimes he would walk into the church pretending to pray as the girl innocently walked in after doing the same, but only to catch his gaze once more. Everytime they were together they could laugh and talk like never before, but most of their words came in the form of silence.
The boy lived west of the castle in a field. possibly one of those old fashion ones with hay on top. The boy's family were not of royalty such as her's, but at the same time they were no peasants. They owned land and livestock and such. She bravely began sneaking off to his home at night, but always in secrecy, or else they knew they would never see one another again! Some nights she would even stay the night.She could just stare in awe of her lover in the dark candle light silhouetting shadows upon his face.
The best way to describe the two is the way the actors looked in 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, except he had paler skin with slight darkness under his eyes. He was very handsome, and her, with her long dark hair, big and bright greenish/ blueish eyes, was well know near and far of her beauty. So beautiful that the up coming stranger with sudden power had his eyes on having her. His name was Copsi.

As the seasons changed into fall and then winter, Northumbria endured very harsh cold winters. None the less, if they didn't do anything, not only would they be parted, but the truth would be known...
She was carrying her lovers child! It was still in the early stages where people wouldn't have known. ( I always think of the song "Exit to a movie" by radiogram because the song encumbers the very essence of the mood and story...
They had to escape and it had to be done right away!
Frantically they packed all they could and headed North into the woodlands. It was so unbearably cold for any human, let alone a pregnant princess! Yet no matter what, he vowed to keep all three safe and protected.
I'm not sure how long that lasted, but as the search party, both sides, set out they found them by night fall. He grabbed her had tightly and pulled her with dire urgency to escape, only to be surrounded!
That was it.
In complete frantic despair, they embraced to fiercely it was as if they could never split them apart.
They swore their love once more, as the two were painfully torn apart all the way until the very tips of their fingers touch...
She screamed in agony but they would not listen. She kicked screamed and hopelessly pleaded that she not be town.
After that
What was once a Utopia,
Was now a dark cold place.

That night one wait in this small round stone tower which was facing about North west of the castle, I want to say the girl.
and he tip toed outside before he was sent away to god knows where. Though the night cold, the moon and stars Beamed so brightly that she could see the light of the moon peer in her stone prison through a small slit window near the top of the tower.
He promised to return, and she vowed to wait.

She was hid until her child was born, the only thing left of her love, murdered.

As days turned into months, months into years,
she started loosing hope.
Most every day she would meander lifelessly back to the ocean and wonder what might be and if he would indeed return as said. She had terrible thoughts and worries of him laying dead somewhere, yet the hope of his love kept her alive.
As time wondered on the girl was isolating herself, arguing and being cross, and screaming in complete and utter despair. What were once thoughts of hope, were now stomach clenching head throbbing thoughts of death and suicide.
When, as the folk lore tale states that her father told her he married another, she thought that it was a "nice" way of saying "your lover is dead..."
That was it.
There were no words,
There were no people,
There was no hope.

He's not coming home,
He's dead, my child is dead, so please god take me too!

Walking up the narrow stone stairs overlooking the ocean. She stepped up, for a few second she stopped to see her dress flutter in the wind. Sun set.
just the time when she would see her love.
This was the perfect time.

She turned away from the ocean on the ledge, crossed her arms over her chest, thought of him, and let go...
To know he returned only brings more sadness.
As they layed her body upon a stone slate...
I could see him,
As he kneeled beside her cold dead body in despair,
I could see him,
but he could not see me.
I was a ghost.
A mere fictional character.

Oh no, what have I done!
A thought that forever haunts my bleeding heart and soul...

I couldn't say sorry,
I couldn't say I love you.
It's like a part of me is forever trapped in that castle.
In Northumbria..
This pain follows me.
Just as my bi polar was at it's worst,
I tried to kill myself.
Then a voice inside me cried, Never again will I die alone!

A poem I wrote
For the Boy on the Stone Wall
By Kathryne Charles

Oh beautiful arch angel of woe and despair,
pain and demise,
I prithee sing once more!
Not of death and dismay,
but rather in love and pure Benevolence,
my love,
My long forgotten Prince!

Shadows may cast upon thine eyes,
Darkness may choke thy light of day,
misunderstood, despised and forgotten,
walking amongst the most darkest path of all.

A fervent prayer,
Death's lips doth kiss,
In weary hopes,
Of love's true bliss.

Yet even in death,
We're still apart,
Meandering the abyss
of the futile dark.
Yet no darkness more blinding,
Nor moment worth abiding,
If I am to die alone,
once more,
Without your love.

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Ok, final thought… I speak to everyone, but I especially am reaching out to those who have experienced suicide or the contemplation of suicide in their lifetime.

I realized though my visions of this past life may be real, I really can't change the past. It was a warning to me so that I would not make the same tragic decision. The only way one can change their past is to change your present, which will in turn change your life and possibly destiny.
I still dream of the day I can visit Bamburgh castle in Northumbria…but for me, it's my way of holding on when I don't think I can. It gives me something to look forward to. It gives me hope.
If you or a loved one has ever contemplated suicide, stay strong. If you know some one please do not judge harshly. Even if they don't want to talk, your presence of maybe just holding their hand could save a life…
Not to sound cheesy,but it's finding the little things that make you want to live. Not planning goals so big you can't even comprehend, but taking it day by day.
I know being positive can be angering and frustrating, but from my experience Northumbria doesn't make me feel completely happy. It makes me sad, but in a way even sadness can be an emotion that keeps us going.
Stay strong… Keep going… don't look back, unless you need to in order to move forward or else your waisting time.
I don't feel northumbria is waisting time, but it keeps me moving forward.

sigh..... one day. Does anyone know of any Norse/ norman Victory march music? haha didn't think so... A while back this song came to me and I thought it had to do with this past life b/c I could see the hilly fields in my mind. Another time the word (I can't write in french let alone have proper grammar for english, lol, so I'll phonetically write it out) Vick-twah! Vick-twah!! Not sure why since Morcar didn't have nEthing to do with Battle of Hastings (so I read). I did read that Morcar DID have two daughters..yeah ANONYMOUS daughters... sigh... her mother hung herself! (I know charming...) I just want to figure this all out and I feel crazy... well yeah I guess I am, but ever since the visions I can't let this go! It's so weird the whole pinklady 7 year thing b/c they met at 14 and I feel 1073 is the year she died. She died at 21. 7 times 3= 21 ah lol no i'm not turning into that (no offense) stupid Jim carey movie, but I just find it kind of interesting. All right peace to anyone you cares to read! I always enjoy comments, More the helpful ones. Comments with information rather insults, but at this point anything makes me happy. yeah i'm pathetic... lol all right i'm gone! peace!
oh one more thing, I read someone Morcar's decedents eventually migrated to America. Now, I don't think blood line and spiritual lives strictly run together, but I do believe souls tend to live in "flocks". So, hypothetically, if grandma "betty" loved her youngest daughter so much or for some reason she and what ever god is decides that a life around her is "in the cards" and useful (for whatever it is we truly gain from coming back) She may well come back as say her daughter. Anything is possible.

Death is still a sad thing b/c you won't physically be able to be near your loved ones, but I'm VERY sure, from some of the things i've experienced and even seen with another person, they HAVEN't gone anywhere far! :) My grandfather recently died and I try not to cry for him, but I also feel awful for my grandmother and eldest cousin, he was a father to him. :( Soon we all meet up, but I still cry about northumbria b/c I feel like a part of my very soul is trapped by fear and terrible guilt of killing myself and the pain of everything that happened. There's two "stories" the northumbria one and another that get to me b/c of that fear. I'm not sure, but "she" or me in that spirit forum has yet to fully move on. I guess the only thing I can do is pray, but I have to see the castle. To see a place I've literally had in my mind since I was a young girl. I can't wait. all right enough jabber, i'm gone! Peace!

Hello, me AGAIN.
First off, if anyone reads this far, please leave a comment. ( *NOTE* I understand skepticle, but please do not be mean and harassing, Ty :) )
I wanted to add, I think I found out who my father was in this life. His name was Morcar. (Pronounced more-keer)
This definitely not only explains the years 1065 and 1066 but officially explains why I felt this French Norwegian type accent.
( At first I had not a clue, I actually thought it was Swiss or something, but when my fiancé and I were in Disney, we went to Norway in Epcot where there were young Norwegians there working for the season, and it hit me. Wow, that is that , I don't mean this in a bad way, weird accent mixed in. Lol nEwayz, it sort of explains the phrase "Copsi did it" since he did lock up Morcar, and his family most likely, but I feel still it's not referring to that. I feel I blame him. I'm angry, lost, confused, sad, grief ridden, and guilty. I caused the pain of the person I loved the most. I held on to the necklace symbolizing our love. I , I died alone .
I hope to learn more of this bc I want to know how to free this spirit so that I may gain spiritual a weariness on the next level. I can not do this until I do this, but I still do not know how. How to let go to move on and what I must do to go on. I know most think I'm crazy and or do not believe me, or some say, what an imagination, but I don't care I guess bc in the end I can't deny the visions, dreams, memories, and emotions that i have had experienced in this life time. So please, if there is anyone out there I plead to ask you if you too know anything of this subject and or issue. Even if you do not, but you might know the history of this castle I would really appreciate your help! I thank you, please take care!

I deleted my name before bc of something stupid, but yeah it's me, new name! ;)

It's me, the one who wrote this. I now believe I was a Norman bc I remember feeling people yell out something that sounded like Vick- twah! 1066 the Normans won... We must have been Normans together.. I hate even trying to prove to others it's real bc it just tears me up inside feeling these dream like memories, the material blowing in the ocean wind onto my face, believing he was dead and a lie told to save my feelings when in fact it was more marriage pressure. He came back, he seen me dead I'm sure, but the true pain is knowing a part of my soul is trapped in that castle. The way our hands touched as they tore us apart...why do I know this and why does life have to be a freaking puzzle?! but yeah, it's just me...