Past Lives

I don't know what you all believe, but I believe that people have multiple past lives.  Well I remember a few pieces of mine.  Sometimes they come to me through dreams, but they feel really different like they are more real and much more familiar.  Other times, I have "flashes" (that's what I call them) because it is essentially like having a dream but having it in like 1 or 2 seconds.  I get a ton of information slammed that flash in and override whatever was going on for that 1 or 2 seconds, then I jump back.  I've talked to friends and other people after these experiences, and we've figured out that yes these are all past life memories coming through.  I am really happy that my past lives are making their way through because their helping me to understand certain things in this life time.

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research the akashic records.

If you told that story to Dr. Gregory House, he would say you were probably havi ng a seizure of some kind and ask for medical tests.:)

@eklein86 It's great that you have the support of friends, as many of us do not have others that understand these past life recalls. Albeit, we confide in them about them, and they may listen, but it is as if to them that you are speaking a foreign language, or even gibberish.<br />
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@Mrdoggy I don't particulary believe that people come back as animals, but it is possible that after the transition from this plane of existence to the next, the in between state, people can take on the form of certain animals for a short time. I believe that this may be necessary for the spiritual growth of all souls at one point or another.<br />
This is one of the biggest problem i faced... about my past life.. please help me i will be really thankful to you... if you could help me... please

They can appear as flashes or a as strange memories you don't remember as yours.. sometimes these memories come up because of people or experiences that are related with them ;)

Agree, agree. So many ways our intuition and memories are expressed, just as personality and psychic abilities are. Have you also looked at the "Old Souls" and "Believe in Past Lives" story threads? Interesting, so many similar experiences here at EP.