Past Life Flashes and Dreams...

I believe our memories of past lives are important learning opportunities for our current lives.  I agree with others in this group that we "meet ourselves" in different ways.  My past life "flashes" usually come as a result of some emotional stimuli - they crash in pieces, or the substantial information floods you in a few seconds. 

Other times, the memories come in dreams.  My most vivid is a recollection I've shared on EP before, of being involved in Temple Work during the building of the great pyramid.  Song, sound, music, vibration and chant were used in its construction.  I was a singer.  We were to hold specific thoughts in mind while building was going on.  I remember going out on a balcony after a long period of chanting.  I tasted the wheaty beer we drank for strength.  We were not to eat often.  My head was shaved.  I remember the cool night air on my head and face as I looked out on the building, knowing the structure would last forever, even if it were dust, the thought forms inscribed into it would be there.  And I remember looking into my own eyes in the future.  This was a calming, lovely memory that came to me at a particular time I wanted to understand my spirituality.  These memories are a gift.  However we remember, we are blessed.  MS

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3 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Happiest New Year Wishes to you too MS :) ((((hugs)))) xxxx

It was, and you have probably had some too, my friend. Humans are awesome creatures. Watch your thoughts and dreams so you can catch these moments. Happiest New Year Wishes, Y0Y.

That sounds like it was something pretty amazing to have. It sounds like it was absolutely wonderful, MS :)