Prom Night In the 50s

I had a vision of a past life a while back and I felt like writing it...

I was picking up my prom date in a time which seemes to be in the 50s..
we were dancing all night.. and at the end of the night I remember dancing with her to Earth angel by the penguins... after the dance we got in my car and kissed for a little while and then started driving somewhere.. then we crashed and died... But we died while hearing Ring of fire by Johnny Cash

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3 Responses Jan 12, 2009

oh no... i am not biblical at all.. I am an Eclectic Pagan. I have my share of knowledge of many things.. You are a vampire witch? A gothic witch? Who are you an angel of? If I may ask that is... Hera Maybe? I understand that you are an angel incarnate of a human? I know a group of angels around the beach area. But I know demons aswell.. Stronger beings tend to notice other stronger beings. I am a Demon of a sort. I am from a land away from here.. I was wondering... Does the name Heratic ring a bell to you? being from the angelic realm that is, I was wondering if you maybe recognize the name?

what about your spirit? I know that my spirit is not angel... if anything Im more demonic.. dont get me wrong.. Im not evil.. Just angels I know are more light aligned... Im more of a grey...

I dont think I could ever consider myself an angel... I always took that vision as a sign to who my soul mate is... I always Imagined Dancing with my soulmate to that song... ever since I was a little boy... And Ring of fire has always been a song of death to me.. I always believed angels were born angels.. not made into angels. Thank you for your comment!