Pink Belly!

What is a pink belly might you ask? Why, its a administration of pain playfully & forcefully laid upon a friend!

I am theorizing that this practice was perhaps a method of keeping underclassmen in check, originating from a nearby private school. And, was unheard of to me until I became friends w/ my best friend, who attended this school. Thus, my beliefe in a pink belly's origin, though I could be wrong altogether.

So, how is this performed? First one would need a co-conspirator, & that would be me. Because I had assisted my best friend in victimizing our younger mutual friend on several occasions.

First, the mutual plot is unknown to the victim, obviously. Next, the orchestrated tackling & restraining of the recipient who would then be flat on their back & held down. His shirt is then whipped upward exposing the belly, & then the pinking begins! This was accomplished by a series of fast, repitious slaps on the belly!

Ha ha! Sorry about that F.L.C.!


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I remember them from back in the 50s and 60s. We didn't do them for bullying, though, not for teasing either. Only when a kid really deserved it.

In eighth grade, a girl named O'Reilly started some eraser-throwing in the classroom that got me and my friend Jen involved, but then O'Reilly got out of taking any blame while Jen and I got our hands strapped and had to sit on our hands for the afternoon. Neither one of us told on O'Reilly, but Jen and I and a couple of other girls got O'Reilly that weekend and gave her a choice of a pink belly or we'd clean her out good with castor oil.

O'Reilly decided on the pink belly and Jen and I both took turns turning her belly good and red. But we still always called smackings like that a "pink" belly anyway, and the boys did too.

Boyscouts... camp outs... the scoutmaster needed help on these camp outs, Older kids helped. I think the payoff for helping was the scoutmaster disappearing when the older kids were giving out pink bellies. You couldn't get away, where would you run to, you are in the they would catch you and drag you into a tent where you were held spread eagle, shirt pulled up and belly slapped... from observing other victims receiving them, I learned the best way to get a shorter pink belly was to act like it didn't hurt..the guys who screamed, struggled and cried got harder ones... either way, your belly was really red by the time those guys were done.

I was 8 years old when I got my first pink belly. We used to play a game called hares and hounds. The hares (always the younger kids) would run in the woods near where we lived and hide, but the hares could never be together. The hounds (the older kids) would hunt in a pack for the hares. When a hare was catured he or she had to go to the ba<x>se and hope another hare could reach the ba<x>se without being captured to free him or her. when all the hares were captured the game was over. It was hard not to be captured. Hares had to be barefoot. Hounds could wear shoes. Hard to escape through the woods in your bare feet.<br />
When the game was over two hares (one boy and one girl) were chosen to get a pink belly. on my first day playing I was picked to be the boy victim. I watched as a 9 year old girl named Kelly was pinned down to the ground, her arms stretched above her head. She was crying even before the torture began. They lifted her shirt and slapped her tummy while she scremed and sobbed. Then it was my turn. Boys don't cry, right? No, but I yelled "ouch, ouch, ouch...that hurts...stop it...please." It seemed like it lasted forever. It didn't help that while to boys hounds were giving me the pink belly, the girl hounds were tickling my feet. It was extremely humiliating, and it hurt like all hell.

Pink bellies were meant to be humiliating. The victim would always have their pants tugged down to their hip bones, and shirt pulled up above their nipples while being held down. That was followed by a series of stinging slaps on the fully-bared belly as the group chanted "pink belly, pink belly." More often than not, it would draw a crowd to urge them on.<br />
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There was always one guy (the toughest kid on the block) who was the main ringleader. He could easily round up three or four others to help carry out his plan. If you wouldn't help him out, you would often be the one targeted to get the pink belly.

I got my first pink belly when I was seven, but my worst one came on my 14th b-day. I had always wanted a bikini, but my mom said I couldn't get one until I had something to put in it. Well, for my 14th I was allowed to buy a bikini. Mom was fabulously cool and she let me buy a really small string bikini. I put it on and so I went downstairs and there in the living room were my older brother and 4 of his friends. After whistling at me and making rude but cute comments, my brother shouts out "Pink belly time!!" They grabbed me, pinned me to the floor spread-eagled and took turns slapping my bare belly until it turned red as a beet and raised welts. Oh, it hurt so much!!! I cried and cried and cried, just stiting on the floor sobbing for almost an hour.

That is just f*cked up, I am so sorry to read that you were disrespected by your brother. And no one came to you to offer comfort for an hour? In my home as a kid, had I layed a mere hand on my younger sister; my elder brothers would have kicked my ***. Then my parents would have exacted retribution. I was no angel, I did alot of effed things causing my younger sister discomfort. But physical abuse? Oh, hell no!

Oh, come on! It was only a pink belly. I got quite a few of them in my day. Even my husband gives me one now and again. Sure, it hurt. It hurt a lot, and it did make my cry. But it wasn't like they tortured me. It was over in less than 10 minutes. Besides, I didn't want any of those guys to comfort me. Just let me wait until the color leaves my tummy. No big deal. BTW, I am AuburnBangs. Had to re-register because I forgot my password.

in my junior high and high school days they were called red bellies not pink bellies. pink bellies were girlie

There were pink bellies at my high school, and I've seen stories from the 1940s that mention them, so they've been around a while.

Never had that done - we had raspberrys on the belly or purple nurples (where you twist the nipple thus making it purple).<br />
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I am adding a goal to my account however to 'pink' someone tomorrow.<br />
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I'll even do it to someone I don't know particularly well. If I get arrested you won't hear from me again....

We called twisting the nipples a Texas twister. Had it done to me many times as a girl, at slumber parties (where we never slumbered until the morning light). When we got tired of talking, some girl always suggested we gang up on another girl, hold her down, tickle her and give her the Texas twister. We would sometimes put our hands over her mouth so the grownups couldn't hear. The tickling (esp. on the soles of my feet) was pure torture, but the twisters were just horrible and made nipples sore for days.