Still Own One!

Before digital cams... Polaroids were the going thing. I still have mine, that I got for a present at age 12. When digital cameras came out, I didn't bother buying one! I had not planned on sharing my picture online, EVER! But then, I wanted to share my pic with my circle and such. So, I pulled out my Polaroid and started snapping pics. And then scanned them into my computer. They were blurry at best, but it was a pic! =p

Finally, my best pal Philip took pity on me, and sent me a digital cam for my birthday! Now, I see the difference. It is much clearer and easier to upload pics on the net. Though, sometimes, I miss that familiar whirl-sound of the Polaroid cam, and then the whole ritual of shaking the photo to help it develop faster! Heehee! :-)

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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

Me too. If only the cartridge could hold more then 10 pictures, that would be great.