Things I Liked About Princess Diana

1) her bashful shy smiles and gentle eyes trying to hide under her fringe

2) her giggles 

3) she looked really really beautiful without make up... more pretty without make up than with make up in a few photos ... she was very beautiful

4) her clothing style was cute in the 79-80 before the wedding, wedding dress was amazing on her and she looked like a perfect princess bride ever and she was always so stylishly dressed

5) she appeared to suffer so much from media and people around her... she had depression and upsets that I can relate to 

6) I liked everything about her from the begining to her tragic end... I had very bad depression and tears for ages after she died

7) she spoke lovely soft voice

8) she lit up the worlds of so many people and I doubt that any other princess will ever be able to do the same thing ever again (for me at least- it may be because I was a little girl when she came on the scene but she was the type of princess every little girl dreamed of as story book perfect  I think- kind of like the fairy godmother or mother or best friend everyone would have wanted)...  

9) she did a lot for society and charity groups, she did a lot for raising the status of women and women s issues in general... even if subliminally 

10) she is an enigma that will never be beaten ever (at least to me)

I had a diana doll, books and magazines and cut out pop stuff ... this that and everything else Diana ... even collected the coins and my grandpa had a Princess Diana Tea cup... 
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I liked diana and called out for her help as a child but she did not like me.

thanks .. I don't know what to make of celebrity concepts ...we don't know these people in the real and like all things in this sick stupid world the good end up in misery like me... I don't even know why I should care...? no does about me... oh well!

Such a nice post, tsarista. I think Princess Diana was someone really special and it was really good to hear the things you liked about her :)

great story. i also was a big admirer of diana's and i've never seen a woman that was so photogenic. i have a book of pictures, her last photo shoot done by mario testino and the pictures are just incredible! such a beautiful woman, inside and out.

yes I was also I was about 6 or 7 and I used to collect all these photos and magazines with diana in them and keep a scrape book

and I bought many books, and taped videos and even have a collectors porcelain Diana doll I bought as I loved her a lot as a child.