A True Lady....always Remembered !

 It has been 12 years since Our Lord called our "Princess" home.....


                              I will always remember her as a woman,

                 who showed her love for her children without reservation.

                 who wore her feminity with the pride of a woman

                 who took good physical care of her body

               who was deeply shattered and betrayed by "that" family into which she married

               who used her status in the world to help the underprivilaged

               who used media interest in her, to advance the cause of many charities

                           who needed worldwide recognition

          who died before her time, and left the world mourning as no other has since.


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I Loved her so.The day I heard she had died,all I could do was cry and did so on the day she was buried. So did the world cry tears of sadness but all of the Angels in Heaven Smiled and Kissed and Hugged her and welcomed her home because they also Loved her so. We do not die we just travel on to higher roads. Thank You balboaguy for sharing your story.

Wow. Good job capturing her, balboaguy!

I remember her as well, my mother loved her dearly. thanks for the great post

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am an American living and working in Australia, and we were all shocked at the headlines which just said "Diana Dead"<br />
<br />
It was a moment when the world just stood still.

ive never been a royalist,or read papers(i like to watch the news rather than read the rags)the night before she died,they advertised she was finally happy&we can read all about it in the sunday papers,i was so happy for her!!even writing this,it brings it all back,anyway to cut a long story short,i bought the paper&was absolutely deverstated to read on the front page that there had been an accident!!!it wasnt until i turned the tv on that i realised she had died!! she was our own princess&now i look to her boys&hope they turn out like her(meaning the love she had for people)ps im from england

Yeah. Only the people cry for her because the palace found a *lame* replacement, the media found new things to flash on but the people didn't find a new princess they could call theirs because there'll just never be another one.

forever !!!!!!!!

She was and always will be, a princess...

Me too ! *tears*

She was indeed a Lady, who selflessly gave her celebrity to good causes.<br />
<br />
I do wish she'd had a happier marriage and home life.<br />
<br />
Safe in Heaven now !<br />
<br />
PS Your Amy would be approaching her teens now?