I Remember Princess Diana

I watched her wedding with rapt attention. I had just gotten married to my ex who was adopted by an English Mom. I thought she was such a good person. I followed her life and saw her good times as well as her not so good moments. I had my second child the same year that she had her William and my third when she had Harry. I felt for her when her marriage went sour. I thought how lucky she was to have her beautiful children. Even in her worst moments she thought about those who did not have a good life. My eldest daughter actually met Prince Charles when she was in school in England and he came to her school on base ( RAF Lakenheath ). My other two children's nanny took them to see Prince Charles. I was saddened to hear of her death. I especially felt for her two sons losing their mother who obviously loved them very much. I watched the Princes' concert that they helped to become a reality in her memory. It was very touching.
syntechnik syntechnik
46-50, F
Nov 4, 2007