Me and one of my best friends used to always go down to the river near his house and swim in it. One day we just went out in the summer and he decided that we should go for a swim.. .He had shorts on but I was wearing jeans and new boxers, we were only 11 so we didn't have a massive problem with nudity so he really wanted to swim so said I could skinny dip or just stay on the stony beach. I loved swimming so began to take of my top then my jeans. I contemplated keeping my boxers on but they were brand new and my first pair which were tighter (I think called briefs?) so I took them of and got into the river. It was all fun until i said that I was really cold so it would probably be small. However just before we got out I found the water really nice along my c**k and got a massive *****. It wouldn't go away so in the end I had to get out with it. At first my friend didn't notice until I was trying to get dry and it was still there, he then said that that was the biggest he had ever seen anyone's. At that age it wasnt too bad but I can remember it being a bit strange being naked in front of him. Since then I don't think I have been fully naked in front of a boy.
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Hard little boy boners sure popped up quick and often back that age didn't they! Hearing the nice complement about it's size it's a shame more of your friends and other boys were not able to enjoy seeing you naked. There were always a few boys like you in each of my gym classes with really nice ***** and I would always try to sneak looks of them in the locker room. Even though nothing with them usually ever happened I sure did a lot of jacking off thinking about them lol.

Jaaaa so funny
Well a boy in 11 years old for me are not in his puberty .I believe its start at 13. Well but I love u story.

hahaha.. that's funny story..