Yes, my journey to womanhood was insane, and I will spare you the details lol.
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I was lucky mine was big that the age 16 and they are steel big today god not want to go thought it a gane

LOL, yeah there are a lot of boobs around

Shhhh.... they can hear you. My sister had to get a boob reduction, she stole all the genes for the boobage.

Aww, I dreaded boobs! I am not so sure why now, but I like them much more than I did... lol

LOL, I know you're not on the mofo bracket. We I was a little, I thought the minute I turned 13 that I would instantly grow boobs. Never thought it was process.

Uhh, okay... I said some mofo's not meeeee lmfao

hehe, okay, you asked for it, let's start with my period :P

An insane journey eh? Hmmm, I;m glad I don't remember much of mine... but why spare any of details? lmao torture some mofo's!