Dvd Lord Remembers Record Players

Hello this is DVD LORD(Skunk)here I remember record players back in the 1970's I used to have a kid's record player and I used to play story records I wore out three to four needles on that one then back in the 1990's we used to have a Stereo entertainment system which I used to listen to Hall & Oates Records and Elton John Records I haven't thought about records for a few years except my brother bought me a Xanadu soundtrack record which we tried to get too work I don't know if it's all the times the cat pissed on it or it was it time in the sun but out of the Phonograph the CD player and the Cassette Player all I could get to work was the Radio and I mainly picked up Spanish stations us living in California I looked on E-bay and even Record Players for children were a lot I looked on Wikipedia and it says they Record Players are still in use maybe I might get lucky and be able to pick one up sometime.......
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Yes indeed. I still have record players and loads of vinyl. I have 3 record players and all working well. One is a stacker box player similar to the one in the pic but a red case. I think it dates from around late 60s/early 70s. I also have a DJ deck (which I mainly use to play my records,and also a mini turntable connected to my hi-fi system. Although I have lots of tapes and CDs I still prefer to play vinyl. The sound is far superior.